10 High DA Blog Submission Sites

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The High DA Blog Sites That Accept Blog Submissions


1. Alltop – Editor’s Choice for the best blog aggregator on the web

Alltop is the best free blog aggregator according to this list. It only accepts to list blogs offering the best quality content on the web.

Being featured is extremely difficult, even for the established brands.

However, that should not be a deterrent factor since you have everything to gain by trying to be listed.

Browse through various topics that interest you. You can have a quick access to your topics by using the alphabetically arranged menu at the top of the page.

The submission form is not prominently displayed on the page; scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “submissions” button.

If your content is listed in the most popular stories then you will have an avalanche of traffic to your website.

2. BlogCatalog – Personalized directory of blogs on the web

Blog Catalog lists many categories under which you can submit your blog. You will need to register with the site and create your profile to submit your blog.

It is an influential directory that can give you a lot of traction when you create excellent content.

You will be able to create and maintain your followership on the platform.

Blog catalogs are structured in such a way that the search engines love to crawl them on a regular basis to find and index new content.

Listing here will increase the frequency with which the search engines will visit your webpage and index your urls.

This will increase your visibility on the web as more of your links get indexed.

Most importantly, these catalogs get lots of incoming links, so, they tend to give reciprocal outbound links (inbound links for you!) to keep the required balance between inbound and outbound links.

Listing your blog here may give you an avalanche of traffic if your content rises to the top.

However, that is not always the case. Even then, you have nothing to lose since you stand to gain links and traffic ultimately.

You can join their affiliate program and make money with your content. Listing is free for personal non-business blogs.

Business bloggers like wedding bloggers, SEO agencies, event planning bloggers, will have to part with up to $500 per year to list on Blog Catalog.

3. Bogarama

Blogarama has been around for quite some time. It is popular and has more categories than AllTop.

There is a free version where you can list your site without paying a penny and a paid version. You must create an account to submit your blog for listing.

Approval can be quick depending on the category under which your blog falls.

When you recently added your blog, it will appear on the recently added blogs section, which increases its visibility to all the users currently accessing the webpage.

With  domain authority (DA) of 67, a backlink from Blogarama is quite effective in raising your site integrity across the web.

4. Blogrific

A relatively young aggregator on the block. It is easy to join and listing is less tedious.

Due to the small community, your content will rise to the first page much faster and you will be able to gain more traffic within a shorter time.

It has nearly 2 million registered bloggers who actively participate on the site. You must register and create an account before you can submit your blog for listing.

It has a domain authority (DA) of 20. Pretty small but still very useful to brand a new site.

5. Jayde

This is a B2B search engine and directory that lists businesses in a number of categories.

It is free to list a business on Jayde and the listed business website must run on its own domain.

The search engine uses a special algorithm to push up results based on user interaction with your content on the site.

It has over 2 million listings on the site already.

Jayde is also relatively popular with a domain authority of 55, which makes a backlink from the site worthy of the effort you will make to get listed.

Submitting a link is quite easy and straightforward.

6. Ontoplist

Humans edit this directory making it very accurate and relevant to your needs.

Submission is easy but approval could take several weeks since the editors have to take time with each submission to ensure that they meet the listed requirements and also fall within the relevant category.

Once your site is listed, they have an in-house analytics, which will use your site’s authority to push it up the pages within its category.

You will need a graphical badge with a link back to the site for that functionality to work. Domain authority (DA) is 66.

7. Reddit

Reddit may have one of the ugliest interfaces on the web but the community there does not mind that fact. In fact, it is one of the most active communities you will find out there.

There are sub-categories for virtually any topic you can imagine, which helps in refining your search and targeting your content to the right audience.

Once you create an account on Reddit, you can go ahead and scour the site for the right sub-reddit to submit your links. Make sure you do not spam the platform.

Always be helpful whenever you submit your links. Give the community something valuable.

When you do this correctly, you will get targeted traffic that will add value to your business.

8. Webdesigner News

It has a beautiful user interface and aggregates sites about Web design, Infographics, Apps, Usability, Typography, and other related Resources.

There is a “Submit News” button at the bottom of the page, which will open a submissions window.

They evaluate each post to ensure that they meet all the minimum requirements before publication.

The site has a domain authority (DA) of 47, which makes it quite a strong ally if you are looking to improve the reputation of your site on the web.

It has a section about the most popular content, which you can use to inspire your next blog post or design project.

9. Designer News

Similar to Webdesigner News and curates content about design. However, unlike Webdesigner News, Deisgner News does to categorize its content.

You need to register and create an account with the site to submit a story.

The page has a domain Authority (DA) of 54 making it pretty strong source for a worthy backlink.

Getting on the front page is not easy; it could bring you direct business if you manage to do and  more traffic to your site.

10. Hacker News

Does not have a fancy interface. It is more like Reddit. You need to register and create an account before you can submit a link.

This site aggregates content from sites about web design, internet tech, web development, and tech news.

With a domain authority (DA) of 87, you do not want to lose an opportunity to put up your blog here.


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