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Dictionary of Marketing

Over 2000 professional terms and techniques

International Dictionary of Marketing

You will find this Dictionary very practical, with text designed as a guide on a dayto-

day level. It can help you in two ways. First, it uses language that people

actually speak, and helps to make clearer much of the jargon used in marketing.

Two examples:

you read in a marketing magazine about FMCG but the author,

assuming that everybody knows what this means, fails to explain it. The Dictionary

comes to your aid. In a marketing textbook, you come across a term that the author

uses and discusses, but which you still cannot fully appreciate. The Dictionary may

help to resolve this.

Second, on an even more pragmatic level, it explains marketing practices and

procedures. You may, for example, be interested in how the monitoring of Web

site hits is carried out. The Dictionary comes to the rescue by explaining ABC//

electronic monitoring. Or, you may be undecided whether to use litho or flexography

for a catalogue or brochure. The Dictionary helps you to make up your

mind, and to understand what your printer is saying.

Value for time and effort

In an ordinary dictionary, you usually find little but definitions. Here, you find a

more encyclopaedic approach, and good value for your time and effort. The

Dictionary includes clear explanations, observation and comment, plus guidelines

and advice based on practical experience.

For example:

Video News Release Broadcast communications, Editorial, Public relations

A corporate or product news item, prepared and edited before submission to

television stations; popularly referred to as VNR . Current wisdom on VNRs is that,

on a busy news day a VNR can get an item on air mainly because it is already in

the can; that is, complete and ready for transmission. However, mere submission

of a VNR will not guarantee airtime. . .

You can download the full dictionary in PDF file here.


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