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Easy Webinar Funnel

Overview Of What Click Funnels Can Do

If you bump up to the Etison package it’s your

  • Autoresponder
  • Analytics
  • Split tester
  • Affiliate product management center (to run your own affiliate program easily and be able to know how much your product is selling, who is your top affiliate and how much to pay them)

All in one.

This tool can make weeks or days worth of building pages and linking sales funnels together with offers into just hours or possibly minutes. This can be done in an afternoon with Clickfunnels.

So not only will Clickfunnels help you build any type of funnel structure as well as any type of landing pages to go into those structures, lickety split but also will look like you had a professional team design it. This is a tool that will pay for itself, you just need to be ready to learn how to use all its features.



What is Clickfunnels then? Is it the same as Lead Pages?

Clickfunnels is similar to Lead Pages. Lead pages whole program is basically is one single function that Clickfunnels can execute.  To give you an example Clickfunnels is like having Lead Pages and a highly customizable funnel builder, host,  and if you want to upgrade affiliate center, customer analytics and autoresponder series all in one.

Lead pages is a landing page builder and host and does its job well as it host the pages also. This is not to bash on lead pages as they’re better for someone who may want a cheaper option and is not wanting all the customization, extra funnel building, affiliate program, autoresponder, customer tracking functions and upgrades that Clickfunnels offers.

Optimizepress And Other Themes For Salespages Are Much Cheaper One Time Fees, Why Not Just Use Them And Do All The Funnel Building Yourself?

Clickfunnels could have a multiple pages built, linked together in a sales funnel structure of choice, synced with autoresponder and  videos ready to go already on a host even without buying your own domain, in the same time you could build one sales page using somthing like optimize press. This is not to say that Optimize Press is bad as they sometimes can be the right tool for the job and they’re much cheaper one time fee and are not hosted by the company so you have to host it and your just installing a plugin to wordpress.

Just To Put A Few Tools Up For Example And Clarify A Few Things (Hopefully):)

  • Optimize press – Is a much cheaper one time fee but is not hosted and is just a glorified plugin added on to WordPress that helps build sales and squeeze pages.
  • Lead Pages – Came out and decided to make it easier with templates that already look good that were customizable and hosted for you. They were just a landing page builder essentially and would have to learn to build a properly converting sales funnel structure on your own.
  • Clickfunnels – is a beast that builds sales funnel structures hosted for you with many different landing page templates that can be made very quickly and are highly customizable.  If you want to upgrade to top Etison package it’s your autoresponder and affiliate management tool plus unlimited funnel creation. You potentially start a side business building funnels for people and hosting them for a price if you wanted.

If you think Clickfunnels is a little too much tool for you but want to build lots of pages and funnels then there’s also a program that may be of interest to you.

If you want to create unlimited funnels like a pro with an easy landing page creator for the same price as the basic package of 20 funnels at Clickfunnels, then you will want to check out 10 minute funnels. 

10 minute funnels does everything that Clickfunnels does but has a tad less customizations but allows unlimited funnel building and visitors for the same price that clickfunnels basic package costs with a limit of 20 funnels with a total of 100 marketing funnel landing pages and 20,000 visitors with 3 domain limit. With that being said most people will not go over that limit set and if they do they will be making enough in theory to afford the Etison suite package for $297.

The Etison suite package at Clickfunnels has really detailed functionality with Actionetics the autoresponder with custom customer tracking and behavior monitoring (huge) and Backpack the simple affiliate program creator to run your own affiliate program gaining an army of affiliates to sell your product.



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