From an Airbnb Stay at Barbie’s Malibu DreamHouse to Frozen Yogurt Flavors and Park Benches—The ‘Barbie’ Movie Team Is Going All In on Marketing

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On Monday, an unusual Airbnb listing surfaced. “Barbie’s Malibu DreamHouse” — hosted by “Ken” — will soon be up for grabs (free of charge) for two, one-night stays on July 21 and July 22. The hillside mansion, where walls void of pink are few and far between, is the latest marketing stunt ahead of Greta Gerwig’s forthcoming movie, Barbie.

The bright-pink mansion features an infinity pool, workout area, outdoor dancefloor, and access to “Ken’s” wardrobe.

Rather than real-life images of the home, the listing instead features a dollhouse model of the mansion. However, images of the California mansion have been leaked. Photojournalist John Schreiber tweeted that while flying over Malibu, the hot pink home could be spotted from 10 miles away.

Spotted this thing from 10 miles away flying over #Malibu today. Is that a…. real life #Barbie Malibu House?? Seems to be. Pink everything… a water slide… floating “KEN” letters. Publicity stunt? Huge Barbie fans? Filming location #BarbieMovie ? Who knows.

— John Schreiber (@johnschreiber) June 26, 2023

Booking opens at 10 a.m. PT on Monday, July 17, and will accommodate up to two guests (who will be responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from Malibu).

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While Gerwig’s latest film features blockbuster stars like Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and Will Ferrell — it’s not just the all-star cast that has people talking, but rather the exuberant marketing that’s spanned across industries.

Collaborations with the film, Barbie maker Mattel, and brands have launched a slew of Barbie-themed goods donned in hot pink — and while the influx of Barbie-everything teeters on overexposure, the internet can’t seem to get enough. “The devil works hard, but Barbie’s marketing team is INSANE,” one user tweeted.

The campaigns continue to garner social media attention far and wide — from poking fun at the extremity of some of the stunts to relishing in the bright-pink fun of it all to criticizing an element of capitalism.

people: “the US has no original culture”

the US:

— sophie (@netcapgirl) June 27, 2023

what if we KISSED and HELD HANDS inside the ryan gosling barbie bus

— camilla rhodes (@baysofangels) June 28, 2023

are we really at the point of celebrating anti-homeless benches because they’re Barbie themed?

— jacob (@LongMacVampyr) June 28, 2023

Still, whether people love it or hate it, they’re talking about it.

From Xbox controllers to suitcases, here are a few of the brand collabs launched ahead of the July 21 film release.

Xbox DreamHouse console and custom faceplates:

Xbox unveils a Barbie-themed console.

— Pop Base (@PopBase) June 26, 2023

Toothbrush and toothpaste by Moon:

why do none of these barbie collab threads include the toothbrush/toothpaste i get an ad for multiple times a day on instagram

— Alexandra Adams ✨ (@alexandra_adams) June 27, 2023

Makeup by NYX:

IT’S A BARBIE PARTY!! say helllooo to our limited edition #NYXCosmeticsxBarbieTheMovie collection.

? Barbie Mini Palettes – turn up the #Kenergy with 2 mini shadow palettes ft. a collectible bb Butter Gloss charm.

☀️ Barbie Mini Cheek Palette – meet the mini cheek palette of…

— NYX Pro Makeup US (@NYXCosmetics) June 22, 2023

Barbie shoes and accessories by ALDO:

Category is: Barbie-core ?

Unbox the iconic #BarbiexALDO styles from our limited-edition collection, dropping tomorrow. Sign up for early access to shop today at

— ALDO Shoes (@ALDO_Shoes) June 28, 2023

Limited edition frozen yogurt by Pinkberry:

!!!! It’s strawberrry and dragonfruit!!

— Sheeta Verma ??? (she/her) (@sheetaverma) June 26, 2023

Suitcases by Béis:

We’re getting a Béis and Barbie collab I’m going insane THE HOT PINK SUITCASES ARE YOU KIDDING MEEEEEE

— GoatBebe ♔✨| SAW IKON ? (@wonhosgoat) June 27, 2023


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