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Are You Truly Interested in Owning and Profiting From Your Very Own, Fully Automated Online Business, Home- Based, 6 or Even 7-FIGURE PER YEAR Online business?

YES! Well how about…
We Build It For You!
We will PERSONALLY show you LIVE in person EXACTLY how it runs fully automated online business so it can make YOU 5, 6 or even 7-Figures a year on almost total AUTO-PILOT!
If you’re looking for the quickest and easiest shortcut to your very own, fully-automated, HIGH-PROFIT, LIFE- CHANGING online business… THIS IS IT! It’s no exaggeration when I say…
(and probably won’t again)!
A Genuine Million Dollar ‘BUSINESS-IN-A-BOX’…
… and shortcut your way to 5, 6 or even 7- Figure Success in just MONTHS!
This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get us to do all the hard work for you and jump straight to making the consistent, truly LIFE-CHANGING INCOME you’ve always desired!



Paul Lynch here from My Dot Com Business and I’ve something very very special to share today… which if it interests you… will very likely result in you having your very own 6-figure or possibly even 7-figure “Business-In-A-Box” that can be setup in just weeks from now.

No matter whether you’re brand-new to the idea of your own home-based business or have been trying to find success with one for years… I would advise you read and listen to every word on this page!

You see, I’m regularly hearing from people who are desperate to have their own home- based, push-button, 6 or 7-figure business JUST LIKE MINE… and are constantly looking for how to get it.

The problem is they’ve tried numerous plans and systems – honestly and genuinely putting their time and effort into using them – but still they’ve not got anywhere near the results they hoped for.

So I’ve been thinking about it for a while and decided I was going to do something I previously thought I would never do.

If you’ve bought all sorts of products, attended seminars and/or tried all sorts of methods, programs and systems…

… yet after spending thousands of dollars and dedicating weeks, months or even years of your time and energy working hard…

… are STILL NO CLOSER to your own 6-figure (let alone MILLION DOLLAR) home-based business that you dream of…

Now I’m running a MULTI MILLION-DOLLAR business all from the comfort of my own home
… living a life of FREEDOM and LUXURY…
… and helping tens of thousands of people every day to achieve higher levels of income and freedom in their own lives!


So no one can ever say I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth!

But one thing set me apart from the rest, even at an early age… I would NEVER give up!

And that has literally been the story of my online journey and one of the biggest reasons for my success to date… I simply refused to give up!

I’m also a firm believer in taking the positives out of every situation and…

This is YOUR chance to take advantage of and “piggy back” off MY hard work and success!

I’ve already been through all the wrongs to find the rights…

I’ve already shed blood, sweat and tears working my guts out to become successful…

I’ve already wasted Hundreds of Thousands of dollars to find what works and now I have these “SYSTEMS” in place working 24/7…

…making me a MINIMUM of several THOUSANDS of dollars EVERY DAY…

… and as much as $50,000 IN A SINGLE DAY on total AUTOPILOT!

I’ve made over $10 MILLION IN JUST THE LAST FEW YEARS or so using these exact systems that I would like to show YOU LIVE in person!

For a handful of lucky people I am going to hand this all to YOU on a silver platter!

BUT for the very lucky and select group of people who take action today!..

…this is exactly what I’m giving you!

Order, Build and Launch

Our phenomenal ‘Done For You‘ system lets you generate immediate income through our expert sales channels and proven payment model.

  • Instant Setup
  • Preconfigured sales funnels
  • Prepopulated products
  • The best traffic sources
  • Guaranteed downline
  • Industry leading support team

You’ll be shown the exact advertising strategies that work, so you don’t have to waste valuable time and money testing!

It’s literally priceless and if you’re lucky enough to join us after reading the rest of this letter then I look forward to showing you EVERYTHING

  • Franchise Funnel System
“How This System Did $5.5 Million in Sales & How YOU Can COPY It!”

So I’m sure you have heard of a “Sales Funnel”?

Well don’t worry if you haven’t because I’m going to be showing you LIVE right in front of your eyes how, what I call my “Money Pump” sales funnel has pulled in a cool $5.5 Million in just the last few years alone!

And the really amazing part about this particular system is that YOU can simply LEGALLY COPY the EXACT SAME sales funnel to get my “Money Pump” spitting out money 24/7 for YOU too.

And this works from literally ANYWHERE in the world, no matter where you are or what you’re doing because…

Let’s see what our current Franchise members think about this SYSTEM…

Secret Facebook System “How This System Drove 7 Million Views From ONE facebook Post”

Can you begin to imagine the amount of money YOU could make on a daily basis if you knew how to create a simple Facebook post and make it go virally crazy within hours of posting it!!!

I’m actually getting shivers down the back of my neck writing this letter to you today, because I just know that you are going to be absolutely blown away with all the “Ninja” methods and marketing techniques that my team and I will be revealing to YOU.


If right now you had your own fully automated online business in a Box” making YOU $150,000 to $300,000 PER MONTH…
…with very little time and effort…
…what would YOU spend YOUR fortune on?

I really mean it…

When you have a fully automated online cash-generating business set up like mine…
…(which is exactly what YOU CAN HAVE if you’re lucky enough to join us at our next LIVE event)…
You can do whatever you want most of the time while YOUR business works for YOU…
…making YOU money while you relax, spend time with family and friends or even holiday!

Ok, so on a typical day it’s now 3pm and if you’re like me it’s time for the school run to pick the kids up.

However unlike 90% of the parents I know, I don’t have to put my kids in after school clubs or ask friends to pick them up because I don’t finish work until 5pm. Hell no!

I am there for them each and every day, so I never miss a sports day or Christmas play or anything.

Why? Because…


(And that’s purely because of my SYSTEMS and exactly how they are set up!)

So you pick them up and spend quality time with them for a good few hours over dinner and into the night before putting them to bed.

It’s now 8 or 9pm and before a bit of ‘quiet time’ reading a book or watching a bit of TV, you nip downstairs into your home office and check in on your cash-generating “Systems” to find that whilst you’ve been DOING WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, you made another $1,389.12 since the last time you checked!

You stroll back upstairs, pour yourself a glass of your favourite red wine (or drink of choice) and sit down to chill out before a good, stress-free night’s sleep… having made $17,243.19 for the day!

Now, how does that sound?

Well, that is pretty much my typical day-to-day routine! (On a quiet day when I’m doing nothing ‘special’! ;-))

Now how many people do you know who can afford to do whatever they want, whenever they like?

Well, that’s the sort of freedom and lifestyle a successful web business can give you!

Again… fully automated online business

…especially if you are able to JUST COPY ME as someone who’s done it!
Which TODAY MORE THAN EVER BEFORE you absolutely can do
…because I’m willing to give you everything I use and even BUILD IT ALL FOR YOU so you can copy me exactly! fully automated online business

If you’re lucky enough to become a My Dot Com Business LIVE Member then YOU will be able to do the same sort of thing… if it tickles your fancy… in the very near future!

In fact… You DO NOT need any previous experience at all!

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced online WE DO ALL THE WORK to set everything up, then I’ll personally show you how to manage your site so it makes you a life-changing income!

This is an opportunity that ANYONE can benefit from. All you need is the desire to succeed and make a very profitable living through your new “SYSTEMS”… just like I do!
LIVE Member Key Benefit #5

Now when I say “everything” you need to know, it’s really just two things! Once we’ve done all the work to build your SYSTEMS and got them up and making YOU money, we will…

  • Show you how to operate them and do the simple ‘housekeeping’ actions you need to manage your new automatic profit machines
  • Personally train you on how to keep scaling your new online business so that the “Sky’s The Limit”!
Of course, your sites will work on autopilot getting you new sales all the time…
…but if you want to take FULL ADVANTAGE of this opportunity and make the most profits you can… you’ll be shown everything you need to know to do so!
LIVE Member Key Benefit #6 fully automated online business
LIFETIME SUPPORT – Never have to worry about anything… we’re here to help!

You will also have ongoing LIFETIME SUPPORT with all the help and expertise you need…

* Skype, Email, “Private Webinars“… and my special VIP Only Facebook Group where we can interact on a daily basis!

Don’t worry we are here for you!
We’re always available to provide full support so anything that could get in the way of your success is quickly handled!

Ok, so having reviewed the benefits this brings me to something I really want to stress…

This Offer Really Is S-I-M-P-L-E!
It’s SO GOOD because apart from being very profitable…


  • I’m going to give you LIVE training and show you everything I use to make money on auto-pilot…
  • I’m going to show you exactly how to run it so it makes truly life-changing income for YOU!
This is how it will go…
  • We will spend TWO full days together at my luxury offices in the UK
  • I will show you EVERYTHING LIVE in person that I mentioned above
  • I’ll make sure that you totally understand how all my “Secret Systems” work!
  • Nothing will be left to chance and no stone unturned as I literally reveal my $10 Million “Business in a Box” to you LIVE
  • I’ll then show you everything about my traffic sources so in addition to the automatic growth…

You can keep building your “Money Pump” at a lightening fast speed, so before you know it you’re making LIFE changing money just like me

If you can’t see the incredible value and opportunity available here from what I’ve already explained then truthfully, THIS PROBABLY ISN’T FOR YOU!
It’s taken me years to get to this level of success and make the HUGE PROFITS I do with very little effort…
… but this opportunity will shortcut all that so it’s happening for YOU in just a matter of weeks!

What I’m offering is a chance to earn a 5, 6 or even 7-FIGURE PER YEAR INCOME with an absolute minimum of time and effort!

  • We build everything for you… set it all up… and then show you how to flood it with traffic so you’re GUARANTEED to get sales from the very first day!
  • We’ll then personally show you everything you need to know (which isn’t much) to manage it and increase your profits BIG TIME!
  • Even if you just do the bare minimum ‘housekeeping’ after that you can easily be making HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of DOLLARS PER DAY on AUTO-PILOT in weeks or months from now!

Ok, so if you want to make the money I make and be able to live a life of freedom and luxury…

… then what better way than to COPY EXACTLY WHAT I DO…

…and what better way to do that than let me give you EXACTLY what I use to do it!

And let me say this…

There’s also no restrictions on your own creativity or where (or how far) you want to take your business.

If you want to DO EXACTLY WHAT I DO then you will have everything you need to do this.

However, if you also want to take even more control and create your own empire from there you will have everything you need to do so… including a direct line to me for future joint ventures and business deals!

It’s not uncommon for me to make $20,000 – $50,000 PER DAY in commissions on AUTOPILOT while I’m doing other things or off on 5-star vacations with family, friends and work colleagues.

I promise you… if you really want to make genuinely life-changing income and become an ONLINE MILLIONAIRE fast… then this is truly your golden ticket!

I want you to have the ability to be able to live however you desire…

Holidaying whenever you want with family and friends…

Travelling 1st-Class and being treated as a VIP everywhere you go…

Living in a beautiful house and driving a beautiful car…

Affording the finer things in life that give YOU, your family and friends pleasure!

This kind of lifestyle is possible for you too… it just takes the right knowledge and some dedication and commitment to achieve it. But…

It’s truly never going to get easier than being given an exact replica of an already hugely successful business that I WILL BUILD and ’PLUG IN’ FOR YOU to literally START MAKING MONEY
FROM DAY 1 and every day after!

I’m no one special… just an ordinary everyday guy who used to be a professional footballer until my back was up against the wall and I discovered the power of having my own home-based web business.

Now I’m able to enjoy the finer things in life and help others because I have a hugely-successful MILLION DOLLAR auto-pilot business… and I want to see you enjoy the same!

After Trying and Being Disappointed It May Seem Like An Impossible Dream From Where You Are Right Now…

But it’s definitely available to you in the very near future with the right knowledge and commitment… I’M LIVING PROOF OF THAT!

No matter where you are now, your life can change incredibly… and who better to help you do it then someone who’s already achieved it?

That’s why I’ve put so much time and effort in to creating this opportunity and showing you everything I have today.

The amazing results I’ve achieved in such a short space of time…

…how I can help others do the same…

…why this is so different from all the other opportunities out there because WE DO THE WORK FOR YOU! fully automated online business

Ok, so with that I’m almost done, but before I wrap up let me just stress again…

This is a ONE-TIME ONLY, Totally Unique, Exclusive Opportunity which is STRICTLY LIMITED
… You MUST ACT FAST or you will miss out!

We have very limited availability because my team and I will be investing a lot of personal time and energy into YOU and your success.

Previous opportunities… which didn’t have anywhere near the benefits this DONE-FOR-YOU deal have… SOLD OUT in less than a day!

I expect this to go fast as I’m proud and confident in saying I’VE NEVER OFFERED ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE!

In just a few months from now you could be sitting back with your feet up as you watch TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS rolling into your bank account ON AUTO-PILOT!

The ONLY CHANCE of that happening comes down to YOU TAKING ACTION RIGHT NOW!

If you miss out on this someone else will be enjoying the freedom of having a business that works for them… making them profits on auto-pilot while they relax and enjoy their wealth.

If you’re looking for the quickest and easiest shortcut to your very own, fully-automated, HIGH-PROFIT, LIFE-CHANGING online business… THIS IS IT!

However, with my “SYSTEMS” doing all the work for YOU! You just set them up, (In fact we will set them up for you!) ONCE IN THE MONTH, leave them, go off and do whatever you want, yet the pay cheque still comes in at the end of the month. Fully automated online business is waiting for you!


fully automated

Grab your spot now

(This will definitely sell-out-soon)  fully automated online business fully automated online business

Fully automated online business is waiting for you!