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7 Time Management Tips For Digital Marketers

Digital marketers are more than aware of the multitude of tasks they have to face each day. Whether it’s endless social media updates, finding new potential leads or sales, or the launch of a new online tool, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities that you’ve been bestowed with.

In order to lend you a helping hand, this article will outline 7 time management tips digital marketers can use in order to improve productivity, and their enjoyment of tasks:

Rely on your experts

There is a chance that you have more than one expert on your team, and so it’s important to understand that each of them can contribute in their own unique way. For example, an SEO expert can come up with all the keyword research you need doing, whereas a content writer can create and develop the topic around your product.

Set Time Limits

Allocating a certain amount of time for a task will increase your productivity, and that’s because you become more accountable for the tasks which you’re undertaking. You can make use of your phone by setting up a countdown which can range from 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on your task.

Eliminate Distractions

It’s a well-known fact that some people do work from home where distractions can be 3 times what you would find in an office. While you can’t put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your desk, you can switch off social media (i.e. Facebook) or any music in the background, and simply focus on the task at hand.

Automate your tasks

For example, if you’re working on WordPress, use plugins to automatically send out emails, social media posts or updates. Moreover, there are certain scheduling tools (i.e. Sproutsocial and Hootsuite) which can also automate your tasks, making some of the day-to-day tasks more manageable.

Delegate or Outsource Tasks

This is an important point: you can’t do everything yourself! While most of us like to believe we’re irreplaceable, there is a need to delegate tasks to a number of other people. For example, you can hire a VA to help with important yet time demanding admin tasks. If you consider how much time you will save, you will understand how important that is.

Only Use Tools That Show Real Benefits

It’s incredibly easy to become attracted by new opportunities, and tools which have been developed overnight. However, there are only so many tools which a business can use. If you try everything, it will become hard to understand what works. Plus, you’ll have spent a huge amount of time and money chasing different avenues. Consolidate your tool set, and use those that benefit you most.

Avoid Social Media

The harsh reality is that you need to start avoiding social media. While it can be extremely useful as a marketing tool, it’s created as an addictive distraction. If you’re employed to sit watching social media streams all day, that’s not a problem. However, if you need to deal with other tasks, it’s best to stick to the time allocation point previously made.


These are just seven tricks you could use in order to make your day more productive; however, there are more ways in which you can increase your daily efficiency, and subsequently your work satisfaction and return on investment. If you want to learn more interesting information, check these tips.


Tips To Help You Avoid Social Media Scams

Social media scams are ten a penny and it’s important you are aware of the best possible ways to avoid them. Here are some tips to prevent the most commonplace scams fooling you.

Look Out For Scam Contests, Giveaways And Surveys

A free gift card or an amazing discount coupon are often offered by criminals under the guise of getting business to a venue as a reward for completing a survey.  These scams are used to try and gain access to your social media account information and may ask you to authorise an app to access your account in order to win or get the reward.  One of the signs that you should look for with these offers is that these offers are only being made on social media posts.  The offer will generally not appear on the website or social media accounts of the associated parties.  You should not fall for these scams and you need to ensure that you do not spread them further to your friends by sharing these posts on your social media accounts. 

Be Aware Of Fake People

Scammers will often create accounts for fake people and try to connect with real people.  They will then exploit their contacts or use information from your private posts to social engineer the friends of their intended victim.  This is a problem that is not only seen on social media platforms such as Facebook, but can also happen on LinkedIn.  The most important step to take to avoid these fake profiles is to not accept any friend requests from people that you do not know.

Be Aware Of Requests From Impersonation Accounts

While it is important to be aware of fake accounts, you also need to know that there is a danger of impersonation accounts.  To protect yourself, before you accept a request from a person you believe you know, check that the account actually belongs to that person.  Scammers and criminals will often setup fake accounts using pictures that are available of real people. 

To help determine if an account is genuine, you should check how many contacts and friends the person has requested a connection with.  You should also see if they have many in common with you and determine if the number makes sense.  You should also look at how far back their social media posting goes. 

Guard Yourself From Fake Live Streams And Movie Offers

Fake live streams of popular movies and events will be used by scammers and you need to know about this.  Links on posts that offer this will generally lead to a website that distributes malware or needs a credit card to register.  The website will often say that the card will not be charged until after a free trial has ended, but the website is actually looking to get your information for the criminals.  A live stream of any event should only be accessed from pages for this event and moves should only be accessed from those who are authorized to provide them.

Avoid Clickbait

Clickbait is become more popular and is when a link appears which offers a scoop about celebrities, unseen pictures of celebrities or other secret information that you will want to know.  These attention grabbing posts are used by criminals to direct you to a malicious website that is similar to the fake contest and survey scams. 

Be Aware when Selling

If you sell things online or via social media for money then it’s best to make sure that the people purchasing are legitimate. If selling and receiving money via a digital means, make sure to use an escrow system or PayPal. If you are meeting somebody in person then be sure the check the money given. Counterfeit pens can swipe bills within seconds and determine that the cash you are receiving is real.

Avoid Over Sharing Online

Most people tend to over share online and if you do not know if what you want to post is over sharing or not, err on the side of caution and do not post.  Criminals will use the information you post to social engineer you into one of the other scams on this list or trick your friends and family into falling into them. 

Secure Your Social Media Accounts

If something does go wrong, you need to ensure that scammers will not be able to easily gain access to your social media accounts.  A major breach of your social media accounts will be embarrassing and can cause problems for the people you know.  There are a number of ways that you can secure your social media accounts and you need to take the time to look at them.


Point Of Sale Marketing:

How To Find A Strategy That Works for your Business

Whether you’re a restaurant or just a retailer, an effective point of sale marketing strategy help you drive more sales to your business. Unfortunately, the space along your counter is limited and the real estate faces competition from companies that also want to sell their products in your store.

You have just about a minute to attract buyers in line and make them quickly decide whether they need a magazine or some gum on their way out. So what can you do to maximise on your potential earnings? Here are some excellent point of sale marketing strategies that can help get more of your visitors buy more of the items displayed at the counter.

Attractive Signage

To begin with, you must get their attention. You cannot have your rugged chicken costumes or cashier wear advertisements in such an instance, can you? Talking to the customers may seem like a good idea but on the flip side, it is a time waster and prerequisite for the long lines and angry customers still waiting to be served. Although old, putting up an attractive design is a good trick to help catch the attention of your leaving customers. Signs have been in existence since civilisation with old papyrus advertisements being found in Rome, Greece and Egypt.

If advertisements were good enough back then, they are probably good enough for your modern store as well. Choose a sign that is likely to attract your customers and convince them to make a purchase. A bright idea is the use percentages and statistics, for instance if you are selling some whitening gum, a sign reading “whitens teeth better that product W” or something close to this can be a good way to go. However, don’t forget to back it up. Usually, advertisers have their own signs so choose those likely to attract your customers.

Improve the Visual Appeal of your Display Shelves

There is no doubt that visually appealing shelves are likely to sell more items compared to a blank, dilapidated shelf in total disarray. When there is lots of organisation and colourfulness on a display shelf, the chances are that customers will pick items from it since they have the confidence that all the products are new and worth adding to their shopping list. Avoid stacking together commodities that do not go together, such as candy and batteries. That’s totally off.

An example would be a shelf dedicated for lighters, batteries, mosquito repellent, car fresheners and flashlights. One section of the shelf could have gum, candy or any other snack. Wet wipes and toothbrushes could occupy another section. There has to be a technique in your POS marketing strategy at the counter to not only entice but also convince your customers into picking the extra items they had not planned for.

Display Shelves

Trial and Error with your Point of Sale

If you are using a point of sale software that comes with advanced reporting and analytics like cloud-based Light-speed Point Of Sale for retail, you will have a clear picture of the products that customers are more interested in and those that are clogging your inventory. With such information, you can perform a trial and error with the products in the counter. Candy against chocolates, pit gums versus candy, lighters versus flashlights. When you witness the pattern on an item that beats others, try and sell more of it.

According to PLM Global, you need to be sure not forget to check the margins. Just because a low-priced item sells fast during checkout does not imply that you are making more cash from it in comparison to an expensive item that doesn’t sell as fast.

The Best Marketing Strategy

It is very difficult to find a Point of Sale marketing strategy that works for everyone because business dynamics will always be different in every setting. A coffee shop will not have the same approach as an auto shop. Retailers and restaurants cannot equally emulate each other.

With regard to point of sale marketing, the not a single-size strategy that works for all business so do your homework and find what works and what doesn’t for your business.

Therefore, the best Point of Sale strategy would be what gives good results to your business. Vendors have vast experience with POS marketing so it would be an excellent idea to build a connection with them and ask for advice on what you can improve on for better marketing.


Social Media App Marketing

Social Media App Marketing

are marketing a useful app for mechanics, write some posts with important automobile tips, or some of the latest innovations in the automotive industry. Getting your app out there means having a good social media strategy. Our social media app marketing tips are there to help – take a look.

1. If you Fail to Plan…

Arguably the most important of your social media app marketing campaign is planning. To give yourself some location in regards to your objectives, ask yourself these questions.

What Content am I trying to transmit to my Captive Audience?

Which Social Media Platform Would be most appropriate for this specific content?

Keep your social media audience and their preferences in mind when answering these questions. Without knowing exactly who your audience is and where they seem to gather, your app marketing efforts will be shots in the dark at best.


2. Create Value Based And User Generated Content

The first task you will have at hand is to begin producing high quality content that is both unique and valuable to the audience to which you are marketing. You will want captivating content if you hope to fully engage your captive audience. For example if you

After this, think of creating some useful video content that describe and promote the app you are trying to market. Videos should be quirky original and extensively promoted across the most popular social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and, obviously, YouTube.

3. Humanize Your Content With Social Media

The proper use of a social media campaign will gain a more positive response from users who prefer the natural humanistic approach over the hard-packing sales pitch from a marketing department. The passion the developer has for their app is the most important thing to transmit to your audience. Then, don’t forget to collect as much feedback as you can, this will encourage future improvements on your apps and lead to a greater customer satisfaction in the long run. Also, don’t ignore your social media users; engage their conversations and answer all their questions, this is how you keep their attention and increase your customer pool.

4. Reward Users For Downloading Your App

If you really want to see your app sales take off, offer rewards with purchase. There are many ways to inspire your audience to refer this app to friends, colleagues and other associates. This is not just imperative to gaining more customers, but your referral plans can be used to keep track of the users experience and all downloads being generated.

5. Google+

There are many advantages of using Google+ for marketing apps. One such advantage is the capacity to improve the position of your app in search results. Use the hashtags on Google just as you would on twitter. In other words, just type a hashtag (#) then input your one-word hashtag phrase. But, what makes the Google+ hashtag different from the others? The opportunity to auto-create hashtags.

Furthermore, you can optimize your SEO power with the proper inclusion of hashtags. Just be cautious, remember that the Googlebot doesn’t look kindly on keyword stuffing and hashtag filled content.

6. Twitter

Twitter is used by millions of people everyday across the world, and the vast majority of them will be accessing their accounts over mobile devices. These users can be targeted with mobile app marketing which can drive installs and engagements as well. Furthermore, Twitter allows you to connect with influencers by remarking their accounts into your tweets.

Last year a new feature was added to the social media platform that allows you to use your content marketing to increase the visibility of your options and increase your download rates as well.

7. Facebook

A million more users are on Facebook right now and this is perhaps the best sport to begin marketing your app. Setting up a Facebook fan page for your app will provide you with a strong online presence that will gain plenty of credibility, increase audience participation and gain feedback on your app.

Be sure your page includes lots of quality information about your app and why it is so essential to your audience. Include screen shots with a clear and inspiring call to action right in the page header and this will make you options far more visible to the online community.

8. Encourage Users To Share Your App Content

If you want your social media users to share the content you are providing for them, you need to make the effort to make the content that much more valuable, engaging and informative. Emphasize the key points that will be especially valuable to your audience and exactly how it can help them. Be sure you keep all your interactions friendly and conversational. Never neglect to spend time answering all comments and questions; show them you are there to serve.

9. Instagram

If you would like to get your app seen and possibly downloaded by many thousands more, you will want to make sure you are fully working Instagram too. Considering how your business and app can make a splash in this profitable global community, will proffer you plenty more opportunities to expand user awareness. Spend time talking about the people who will benefit most from your app as well as posting lots of vibrant images and videos that exemplify these advantages. Adding friends via Vibbi can help get interest too.

10. Images Truly Are Worth A Thousand Words

One picture or image can tell so much more than the most descriptive text. Capturing the true nature of your app in a picture form can express so much that can’t be conveyed in text content. Emphasize your “Download App” calls to action by juxtaposing them with vibrant pictures of user interfacing with the advantages of the app.  Another great way to boost your marketing efforts would be to post a count down to your app’s release date  in stores. Post facts and features of your app with each day down.



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Cloud Hosting Benefits

Why move from traditional hosting to cloud hosting? Well, there are a number of reasons why and they’re mentioned below.

1. Updated Software

The most current versions of applications required for running the business are availed to all clients immediately upon release thanks to SaaS. Speedy updates ensure that workers have new functionalities and features available to them hence increasing their productivity. In addition, the software upgrades are typically released on a regular basis. In contrast, purchased or in-house software might only receive major updates only once every year or so and rolling them out also takes a significant amount of time.

2. Achieving More With Less

Cloud computing makes it possible for companies to reduce the size of their data centers or even the complete elimination of their data center footprint. The reduced software costs, number of servers, and staff members can reduce IT costs significantly without affecting the IT capabilities of an organization.

3. Flexibility of Costs

Cloud computing costs are more flexible than those associated with traditional methods. Organizations only have to commission therefore paying only for infrastructure and server capacity when needed. Additional capacity can be commissioned for the peak times and de-commissioned when no longer required. Traditional computing demands purchasing sufficient capacity for the peak times and letting it sit idle for the remainder of the time.

4. Always-On Availability

Most of the cloud computing providers are highly reliable in the provision of their services and most maintain an uptime of 99.99%. The connection is always on and provided that workers have a working Internet connection, they can access the applications that they require from practically any location. Some of the operations can even work offline.

5. Enhanced Mobility

Employees enjoy access to applications and data regardless of where they are situated in the world. Workers can carry their work to any location using their tablets and smartphones – roaming through retail stores checking customers out, working at a plant or in the field, visiting customers in their offices or homes, etc. Check out some of the options Alternative Networks have in this regard.

6. Enhanced Collaboration

Cloud computing enhances collaboration by allowing different groups of people to have virtual meetings and easily sharing information via shared storage and in real time. This capability has the potential to improve customer service and product development as well as reducing time-to-market.

7. Cost Effectiveness

Cloud computing means that organizations never have to buy equipment or build and run a data center. This means that they never have to spend lots of money on utilities, facilities, hardware, and various other aspects of operations. Traditional computing requires that organizations spend millions first before getting any value from investing in data centers.

8. Quick Reduction Of Expenses

In times of business cut-backs and economic recessions, cloud computing provides a flexible cost structure thus limiting exposure.


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