How MarketBeat Grew to 230,000 Subscribers and $2.5 Million at 80% Margin

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Matthew Paulson went from college student up to his eyeballs in debt, starting a network of personal finance blogs that were earning an affiliate income, getting “slapped” by Google and seeing his revenues go to zero, bouncing back and rebuilding a digital publishing company,, with 750,000 newsletter subscribers, 180,000 (paying) subscribers and over $1 Million in revenue at an incredible 80% profit margin.

You’ll also learn the (surprising) way he made $6,000 a month as an affiliate of one product.

And how he invested in a small blog and what he did to turn it around.

Matthew Paulson is the founder of MarketBeat (formerly Analysts Rating Network) provides daily stock market analyst upgrades and downgrades of publicly traded stocks.




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