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Types of Blogs

Below are some basic types of blogs. Find an example of each type of blog and write a 2-3 sentence review of each. Discuss why you liked it or not, why it is effective or not, etc.

1. How-to blogs. If you have a particular skill set to share (such as scrapbooking or troubleshooting computer software), readers may value tips and instructions.

2. Review blogs. People often search the Internet for reviews of movies, video games, new technology, restaurants, etc. If you are a connoisseur of something, readers may find your opinions and insights helpful when making purchases or deciding on a dining location.

3. Issue blogs. If you have informed opinions on current topics, readers with a similar area of interest may appreciate hearing your perspective. Issue blogs often work well as professional blogs. For example, a teacher may blog about best practices in the field or education in the news. Issue blogs can get controversial, especially when they approach potentially inflammatory topics, such as politics. If you’re blogging under your own name, be aware that potential future employers will probably find your blog when they Google you—whether you want them to or not. Strongly stated controversial opinions and colorful language may or may not be a good idea, depending on your particular career plans.

4. Hobby and fan blogs. Some blogs share ideas and information surrounding a particular area of interest. In many areas of interest, you would be joining a pre-existing blogging community. For example, cooking blogs exist in abundance, as do blogs about science fiction television series.

5. Personal blogs. It can be tricky to create a blog of personal anecdotes that will draw followers beyond your friends and family. If wide readership is a goal for you, choose your anecdotes carefully. There are universal experiences that everyone can relate to: love, loss, embarrassment, etc. Make sure that your anecdote draws on such themes and that it has a story arc (a beginning, a middle, and an end) and a point. Humor also sells. For more detailed tips on writing personal anecdotes, check out Chapter 3 of Jerry Lanson’s Writing For Others, Writing For Ourselves.

6. Humorous blogs. Blogs in any of the above categories may be humorous. If you have a gift for humor and think it would be appropriate for the context of your broader topic, go for it!



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