5 tips to renovate your closet without spending so much money

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December 10, 2020 4 min read
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If you are one of the people who despite having several clothes and still ends up always wearing the same, do not stop reading this article. You’ll love it!

It is scientifically proven that most of the time (if not all) we women use only 20% of our wardrobe .

We regularly make the same combinations when it comes to dressing because they are the ones that are at the top of our mind; We attribute this to our brain since its function is to try to do things in a known way that is why it is very common to hear the phrase “I always use the same thing.”

Here are some recommendations that will help you make new combinations and change that function of your brain.

1. Clean your closet: This is the first step to be aware of what is really in it.

If you are messy, you will have to do a bit of your part because the order of the closet is key.

2. Organize your closet by the type and color of garment: Strategically organizing your garments is an effective way not to repeat them so often, so you can access them more easily in a panoramic way.

An important trick is to organize them by categories: first the blouses, shirts, then jackets, pants, dresses, etc. and these in turn by colors, in this way you will know what you have and what you use more or less frequently.

3. Make new combinations: If you have trouble choosing your outfits , take a few minutes to do the combinations of the week, for example, it may be Sunday.

This will help you calmly try on clothes, create different looks, be more creative and experiment with combinations that maybe because of the rush during the week you don’t have time. Discover the creativity in you and the amount of looks you can put together without buying anything.

For this strategy to work, you must rotate the outfits, that is, if one day you used a shirt with pants, in the following weeks, use it but now with a skirt.

4. Use accessories: Accessories have great power, I call them “the power of the third piece”, because they are key when it comes to concealing that we are repeating the same clothes, when we use them they are usually the center of attention, avoiding the look at the other garments.

When you notice that you are wearing the same as always, include a piece that is forgotten in your closet, this will give a twist to your outfit and you will notice the difference.

You will go out of your comfort zone of always wearing the same thing!

5. Do not wear or buy garments that are very flashy and easy to remember: If you already have a jacket or blouse in very bright colors, it is obvious that it will attract attention wherever you go, try not to wear them so often! And if you are going to buy clothes, remember this tip, clearly striking clothes are much easier for people to remember. If you love that garment, it is understandable, but do not abuse it if you can make many other combinations.

Be aware when dressing, do not do it automatically. Think about your essence, what you really want to wear, how you want to be seen, who is your audience and work to make that a reality. You should also do that in your purchase process. Remember, coherence between what you are and what you want to project.

In short, overcoming the habit of using only 20% of the pieces in your closet is not overnight, but it is also true that it is not impossible if you put your will and start applying these tips that will help you.


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