Check Out the Coolest Cars and Concept Vehicles at CES 2018

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If you want to what’s hot at CES, look no further than the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Its floor plan this year is, without exaggeration, 90 percent cars.

Indeed, CES is becoming more and more of a cornerstone for players of all sizes in the auto industry. If you sort the CES exhibitor directory by the “automotive/vehicle technology” category, it serves up 555 results.

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CES rivals Detroit’s North American International Auto Show (or NAIAS, also annually in January) in terms of media attendance. Two years ago, General Motors unveiled the production version of its all-electric Chevy Bolt at CES, just days before NAIAS.

Because it’s a technology show, CES is the ideal place to showcase vehicles with new sensors, software and screens. Autonomous vehicles are gaining serious momentum, at least from a development standpoint. There’s still a long way to go before they’re ubiquitous on the roads, though a handful of companies, including Torc Robotics as well as partners Lyft and Aptiv are offering (human-assisted) rides in them in Vegas this week.

Beyond self-driving, vehicles are getting smarter and offering a range of features designed to boost safety, connectivity and personalization.

For a look at some of the coolest cars and related tech on display at CES 2018, click through the following slides.

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