How to Build a Go-to-Market Strategy That Prevents Risk

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With rising customer acquisition costs and the added challenges of a fast-evolving digital landscape, today’s entrepreneurs require, more than ever, a go-to-market strategy that prevents and mitigates risk. And sure, that may seem a straightforward-enough need, but how? What’s the best way to develop a strategy that withstands forces like shifts in paid advertising and the rise of AI-driven marketing tools?

Assess the present moment

What does your current strategy look like? What’s working? What needs to change? If, like many, you’re relying almost exclusively on paid advertising, what would happen if that channel ceased to work? Potential customers, after all, are increasingly inundated with digital ads and other companies vying for their attention, and with AI-powered marketing tools, it’s easier than ever to generate compelling content. As a result, the channel you rely on the most could quickly become overpopulated by competing voices that could drown out your own and drive customers away.


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