How to make a successful Christmas giveaway?

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Giveaways meet three main objectives: to publicize different brands or accounts at the same time, grow the community quickly through anchor accounts and obtain a winner that motivates others to continue participating with your brand and the others involved. Sound like a good triple win ?

Avoid these 5 mistakes and achieve a super successful giveaway at the most generous time of year.

1. Do it alone

The idea of a giveaway is to look for collaborators who add value to the activity, it can be a brand that provides a gift of high monetary value or a brand with a large established community, the latter can serve as an anchor account. If you use an influencer with a good established community as an anchor account, the benefit for everyone will be spectacular.

2. Join with brands that do not make sense with yours or your target

Although it is important that you seek to join with other brands or accounts, you must be sure that they all have not only the same objective but the same target market, this means that their communities on social networks are similar in terms of gender, age and style of life. For example, if your brand is focused on clients with high purchasing power and over 30 years of age, you need to look for a brand that speaks to the same group of people and does so with messages similar to you.

3. Do not link it to a previous activity

Look for your giveaway to be linked to an activity that has previously collected an audience. How about a Facebook Live where you have captured an organic audience of thousands of viewers? It’s a good idea to start like this and drag this base of viewers into the activity with which you want to generate the most interaction. This way you make sure they get involved in both activities.

4. Give an incomplete award

And by this I do not mean that you give only part of the prize you promised (although that is bad enough too). It is important that, if you give a product as a prize, you accompany it with an experience and vice versa, if the prize you offer is an experience, you provide certain products that complement it. For example: if the prize is a couple of flights to Cancun, the winner is most likely to appreciate a discount at a hotel or the entire stay on your own. Another example would be that, if you are going to give a couple of tickets to the cinema, you accompany it with a card that allows them to buy things at the candy store; Remember that the more you solve the life of the winner, the greater the appreciation of your brand and the incentive to others to participate in the future.

5. Do a very complicated dynamic

Wouldn’t you love to win thousands of things, but without having to participate? No matter how simple the dynamics is and the prize is very good, we all lose interaction the more complicated the activity to be carried out to win. A golden tip: do not ask people to upload photos, nobody likes it, much less if they consider that the award is not worth it.

Giving giveaways can undoubtedly grow your audience quickly and increase interaction with your brand, but beware, if you do it the wrong way it can cost you many unfollows and even lack of credibility of your brand. Do not forget to establish very clear rules from the beginning and present a promotion notice to Profeco.


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