Ikea Is Offering a Mini Apartment in Japan for Less Than $1 a Month

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The Swedish furniture store, Ikea , has been involved in the real estate market on a few occasions, this time announcing that it will rent a small apartment in Tokyo for an extremely affordable price. The apartment will be located in the Shinjuku district, which is the most important commercial and administrative center of the city.


It will be an apartment of 10 square meters, and the rent will be 99 yen (0.86 dollars, 19 Mexican pesos approximately) per month, this price does not include services such as water and gas, but it is still a great offer. In addition, the furniture and decoration provided by Ikea will be included, who are sure that they can use little space and give it great potential.

The space will include a small loft for the bed, a kitchen, a washing machine, a bathroom with a toilet and a shower. “One of the keys is to make good use of vertical space,” the company published, “By capturing the room in three dimensions, new possibilities are opened up in a limited space.”

Since Tokyo is a city with a very dense population, micro apartments are very common. To promote the property, Ikea is using the character Blahaj, a shark who is a real estate agent. The character is featured in a series of advertisements the company posted on YouTube.

The rent will be available to all those who are part of your Ikea Family membership and will be receiving applications until December 3. The chosen person will be able to live there from December 15 to January 15.


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