Instagram launches stickers for stories

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Instagram stories has added some new flair to its product offering. Announced today, Instagram has added special functionality to its stories. While they do not have a direct impact on advertisers just yet, they may be able to enhance the character of stories provided by brands.

The first feature, stickers, is a way to add context to stories. After the photo or video is taken, a stickers button will be added next to text and drawing tools to further enhance them. Various stickers have been added such as weather, current time and location, and can be resized or moved across the canvas. The location will give viewers the ability to learn more.


Just in time for the holidays, Instagram has also added holiday stickers, such as candy canes, gingerbread men, snowmen and various holiday-themed stickers.

Instagram has also added a “hands free” option to record video with one tap–which certainly makes things easier as the user does not have to press and hold anymore (cheers from the crowd). They’ve also gone ahead and allowed users to add unlimited text to their uploaded media (with center, left or right justification) and wrapping.

It’d be interesting to see how the sticker feature plays out; will brands, like with other platforms, be able to sponsor stickers within videos? Time will only tell.



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