Intel’s Super Bowl LI ad turns NFL MVP Tom Brady’s daily routines into epic experiences

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Intel has recruited Super Bowl veteran and MVP Tom Brady for its 30-second “Brady Everyday” Super Bowl ad scheduled to air during Fox’s broadcast of the game on February 5th.

The spot features Tom Brady doing his usual daily routines, but with the added experience of Intel’s 360-degree replay technology – the same technology that will be used by Fox during the Super Bowl broadcast.

Instead of just brushing his teeth, or fixing a pancake, Intel’s 360-degree replay effects makes Brady’s most mundane tasks look larger-than-life.

“For the first time, a company is airing an advertisement during the Super Bowl that is actually part of the broadcast and part of the game itself,” said Intel CMO Steve Fund in a release announcing the brand’s Super Bowl campaign.

Fund said it was a “true example of innovative marketing” and that Tom Brady was the perfect partner for the brand because, “…he exemplifies high performance and is one of the best quarterbacks of all time.”

Intel will also bring a new “Be the Player” viewer-experience to this year’s Super Bowl broadcast, using the 360-degree replay technology to “freeze a moment” during the game so that it can be seen from the player’s viewpoint.

“The technology can bring a viewer onto the field from the quarterback’s position to see what it’s like to catch the snap, see the options and feel the pressure of the line rushing toward them,” reports Intel.

As part of the campaign, Intel has also launched a site where NFL fans can create their own frame of Tom Brady to add to user-generated videos. Intel says it will create an online gallery of the best images created.

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