It’s time to get ready for the holidays (Yes, really!)

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We all know that the holidays are fast approaching. In just 10 short months, we’ll all be gathered around home and hearth; in just nine short months, the chaos of filling that home and hearth with a wide assortment of colorful boxes, trees or candles will begin.

Regular readers will remember that last November, I published an article on last-minute SEO for the holidays. As a quick refresher, here’s what I advised might impact a site’s rankings with just weeks to make a difference:

  • Making sure your Google My Business is present and accurate
  • Optimizing your titles and descriptions for click-throughs
  • Optimizing for long-tail keywords
  • Hijacking rankings — that is, buying advertising on sites like Yelp that might already be ranking and where buying ad space is cheaper than AdWords
  • Double-checking the content optimization on pages that are ranking decently but just outside the higher click zones, where a single position gain can have a great impact

I went on to note that these were Band-Aids to get folks through the holidays and that immediately after, it was time to get working on this year. Well, it’s that time! So the question is… have you started yet?

I’m not going to be getting too deeply into SEO strategies in this article, as each scenario is a bit different and each is a topic of its own. I will, however, be referencing some articles that I consider helpful to get you started. In this article, we’re going to look at realistic timelines for some of the core optimization areas you’ll need to tackle to help you prioritize.

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