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The modern landscape of media, advertising and technology — “MAdTech” — has become increasingly muddled.

The means by which marketers need to advertise and media and platform companies need to relate to customers and advertisers are irrevocably changed and continuing to transform.

So exactly how does a company scale in the MAdTech marketplace? Ipsos Connect (my employer) has invested in understanding the foremost ideas, brands, content, advertising and technology emerging in this hyper-connected environment.


Over the past 12 months, we’ve completed two waves of research, tapping into the minds of over 600 professionals to capture the voice of marketers and their agencies. The latest findings on how these entities operate in the MAdTech world will help others better navigate the near-term future.

Is MAdTech real? It certainly is.


Eighty-three percent of respondents agree that we have entered a “brave new world” where media, advertising and technology are coming together. The standalone businesses of pure-play advertising and pure-play media are disappearing, and neither can stand alone.

Technology is the driving force behind the mashup.

Not surprisingly, the majority of respondents felt that companies must evolve in this new world.

Two-thirds of executives, however, want the change to be faster — in fact, to be revolutionary — if their companies are to survive and thrive.

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Peter Minnium is President of Ipsos Connect, where he leads the US team in helping companies measure and amplify how media, brands, and consumers connect through compelling content and great communications. Prior to his switch to market research, Peter was Head of Brand Initiatives at the IAB focused on addressing the under-representation of creative brand advertising online.


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