Marketing automation for the little guy is helping to power the new economy

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The internet, coupled with mobile devices, has provided a fulcrum for an escalating number of aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. Because of these technical advances, entrepreneurs offering everything from outdoor landscaping to speech writing can represent themselves in a cost-effective way.

In fact, over 33 percent of the entire American workforce is involved in some type of freelance work, according to an in-depth report by Spera (registration required) undertaken last year. Either they’ve been laid off, they are an expert, or they are looking for additional income.

To be a success as a freelancer or entrepreneur in this environment, a laser focus on creating the best possible product or service and getting it to market are a must. Marketing and business expert Seth Godin cautions that the focus must be on shipping the product or service rather than on listening to others or waffling on the administrative details (like marketing) of running the business.

But to whom do you ship? Without a reliable client base, there is no need for the product to be shipped and there is no business. Entrepreneurs need to be able to uncover, engage and nurture prospective clients. Developing both customer understanding and amazing content are the initial pieces to the puzzle of business success, and getting that amazing content in front of customers and prospects is the next piece to put into place.

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