McDonald’s Sales Surge Following Grimace Shake TikTok Take Over

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Following the viral campaign to promote McDonald’s Grimace Shake, the fast food chain was thrilled to report that their efforts paid off and boosted sales.

In the quarter ending on June 30, sales at McDonald’s locations open for at least 13 months in the United States grew to 10.3 percent, while global sales jumped by 11.7 percent. In total, the month-long campaign boosted sales by 14 percent by quarter end, per CNN.

“This quarter, the theme is — well, if I’m being honest, the theme was Grimace,” CEO Chris Kempczinski said during a call on Thursday, according to the outlet. “Grimace has been everywhere in the past few months … this viral phenomenon is yet another proof point of the power of marketing at McDonald’s today.”

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The new McDonald’s Grimace shake may look sweet and unsuspecting, but according to TikTok, it bites back.

McDonald’s revived its 52-year-old character Grimace in honor of his birthday on June 12 with a limited-time shake and signature meals. Although McDonaldland characters such as Grimace and the Hamburglar haven’t been marketed since the 2000s, Grimace has gone viral with Gen-Z TikTokers.

In the clips, people can be seen trying the Grimace shake and wishing him a happy birthday, but upon taking a sip they can be seen faking their death, usually surrounded by a purple puddle. According to Today,TikToker @ruiz_alv04 was the first to start the viral trend with a video shared on June 24. Known as one of the villainous McDonald’s characters, the spoof videos are an ode to Grimace’s mischievous nature.

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@kameryn.paige She grimaced out#grimaceshake#grimacesbirthday♬ The Attic – Colin Stetson

@guaquamolininjabenis He will be grim-missed #grimaceshake#mcdonalds#trending♬ Grimacing Sounds – Jon & Eli

As of Thursday morning, #grimace has amassed 934.5 million views on TikTok, and #grimaceshake has brought in 819.2 million views.

Even McDonald’s CMO Matt Shaver got in on the trend.

@mattxshaver The response to the Grimace Shake has been so positive that I thought I’d try it myself! Thank you everyone!! #grimaceshake#mcdonalds#grimace♬ Corporate Music – AndrisMusic

McDonald’s later took to Twitter with Grimace’s response to the trend.

meee pretending i don’t see the grimace shake trendd

— McDonald’s (@McDonalds) June 27, 2023

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While the trend may not water everyone’s tastebuds, it ultimately has worked in McDonald’s favor.

“What may seem like negative expression is actually a positive reflection of their ability to connect with a generation,” adjunct professor of social media and influencer marketing at Chapman University Matthew Prince told CNN. “It’s getting the views, it’s getting the laughs and, as the viral trend grows, it’s getting the sales.”


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