NHR Status for Digital Nomads: What Shall You Know About It?

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If you can call yourself a digital nomad (this is a person who is involved in freelance stuff and can choose where to work from), you may think about receiving the NHR status. But surely, you need to be living in Portugal as a person who has obtained a certain kind of visa. The best solution here is a Digital Nomad Visa Portugal. So, let’s consider the basic aspects you need to know about this visa and NHR status.

Key Info in Connection with the Digital Nomad Visa

The first aspect you should be aware of is this: it is not hard to get a Digital Nomad Visa Portugal. The process will be especially easy if you choose the professional assistance of the intermediary.

In general, you have to get the proper documents ready and apply for a visa from the country you live in. After interacting with the Embassy of Portugal, you will have to wait a bit till you get certain feedback on your visa application. You need to realize that there is a chance you will come across denial. It can be connected to various reasons. But here’s great news: you are going to have an opportunity to apply for the visa once more (but it is vital to fix all the stuff that prevented you from receiving a visa).

Once your visa application is accepted, you need to think about getting a residence permit in Portugal. Sure, it is essential to visit Portugal for this purpose. The procedure is not too complicated.

As for the docs, you will have to prepare the following stuff:

  • Copy of your passport;
  • Statement of address;
  • A clean criminal record and health insurance;
  • Proof of income;
  • A cover letter that will serve as a justification of why you would like to get to Portugal.

So, let’s imagine that you have received a Digital Nomad Visa. What about the NHR status?

The Benefits of Getting the NHR Status

Those who want to obtain NHR status think that it is a good idea for several reasons. Well, let’s list them below:

  1. You are going to savor exemption on all foreign income.
  2. There is a 20% flat rate for certain Portuguese income.
  3. There is no wealth tax.
  4. The applicants will face no minimum stay requirement.
  5. Those who receive NHR status are free to benefit from special personal income tax treatment for ten years, and so on.

Receiving the NHR Status: The Actual Process

And now, let’s get to the very basics of obtaining NHR status. Things are going to be really simple and clear in case you stick to the assistance of intermediaries.

The NHR Portugal-applying journey starts with visiting a site of the service provider and taking a look at what has to be presented in order to receive this status. Normally, you should provide the docs like:

  • EU passport or the Portuguese residence permit;
  • NIF number (a tax ID for those who live or stay in Portugal; it can be requested online without any hardships);
  • Statement of fiscal address in the country (it can be your property or the rental contract; but it has to be registered with the Tax Authorities of Portugal);
  • Bank statement for 9500 EUR (this is the smallest figure to present).

So, once all of that is ready, it is time to apply and enjoy the result! Different intermediaries are ready to suggest different prices though but expect to pay no less than 500 EUR for the qualitative service.

Once you apply for this type of service, you will receive your NHR status (in case you have presented all necessary docs and everything goes right) and support from the team (but naturally, this kind of help is not presented by all intermediaries; this is the aspect that has to be clarified anyway).

The Good Service Provider: What Will He Offer to You?

None of us wants to come across a service that will be characterized by bad quality. For this reason, you need to be sure of the choice of intermediary.

First of all, it is obligatory to contact a team that has decent experience in suggesting similar services. Facing the very beginners in this area can result in great trouble.

Besides, you should come across a fine price. It is not pleasant to be charged too much.

Also, the site of the provider has to be good-looking enough. What does it mean at all? You should be able to find all the info that is relevant to you. The price has to be a transparent figure that is suggested in the description of the service. And, the documents to present have to be given as a clear list. Basically, this is it!




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