The Magic of Money: 5 Key Lessons on Commitment

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January 8, 2021 6 min read
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“Cut up the ticket from the struggle bus, because you’re not getting back on,” Amanda Marit says with a laugh. I’m meeting with her to discuss journey from cubicle to podcast and coaching empire. I’ve always admired Marit’s ability to create money and sustainability, and I had a feeling she’d have some secret sauce for each of us, too.

“It all began when I made a crazy decision to leave my job with barely any money saved to go full time in my business,” she says. “I had about $1,000 in my bank account, which was absolutely not going to be enough to pay my bills for even the next week. But I made a commitment to the universe that I was all in. Committed to my success. Committed to my message. Committed no matter how long it took or who I had to become.”

“At first, when I left I had some immediate success, and that kept me going for a few months, but then the clients stopped flowing in,” she continues. “At that point, I had no idea what to do next. I knew a breakthrough needed to happen, and that it wasn’t because of lack of taking action. Every day I would show up to the coffee shop with my laptop, check off to-do list boxes and wonder why I wasn’t attracting clients. My content seemed good on paper, and I was doing everything they told me to do to be successful. For awhile I would be near tears at the coffee shop thinking, What is wrong with me? What am I not getting? It was getting to the point where I didn’t know how I was going to pay my bills again.”

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At this point in her coffee shop hustle, Marit was working hard, offering things and wanting to be in service to people, but she was not attracting clients.

Marit shares the moment something shifted: “One day I was buying a coffee, ready to start my work day at the shop, and my card declined. This had happened a few times, so this time I didn’t panic. I ended up using a credit card to pay and just kind of laughed at the chaos for a second. I opened up my bank app to see what the situation was, and I saw five cents in my account. At that moment, I decided that that was never going to happen again. I remember thinking, This is the moment that it’s going to take off for me. Universe, what do I need to do?

Here’s what Marit learned on her adventure from five cents to where she is now:


“I started to focus on what my mission truly was, remembered my worth and stopped worrying about where the next rent check was coming from,” she says. “I had to own the power of my work, stop putting out a desperate vibe and trust that the universe would support me.”

Every morning, Marit suggests:

  • Dive deep into your worth and the importance of the work you’re doing

  • Take inspired action instead of just checking off boxes, and run like your heart is on fire with your mission

  • It sounds silly, but make sure you offers in place where clients and money can funnel through

Quantum leap in your mind first

As Marit fully committed to her success, she felt more confident clients would show up, because she reconnected to how important her work was.

“The next thing I knew, two-and-a-half weeks had gone by, and I had a $19,400 sales month,” she says. “I finally was in the right vibration. I knew now what it took to access it and did my best to stay in it. The next month was a $41,000 sales month. Then two $20,000 sales months after that. Fast forward four-and-a-half months, and I had hit six figures in sales in my business. From there, it hasn’t stopped flowing, every year has a higher income than the last.”

The highs and lows

“To avoid the roller coaster experience that many fast-climbing businesses face, I focused on my mental, emotional and spiritual alignment and took action that was inspired,” Marit says “You also have to blend that with being resourceful and responsible with your money.”

She suggests answering the following question every day until the unworthiness vanishes: What part of you doesn’t feel worthy of having money?

“Being responsible and resourceful, to me, meant that I wouldn’t let my bank account get low before I took action,” Marit says. “I would get myself into alignment immediately and take action. We all typically have a threshold for what’s acceptable to have in our bank accounts at a time. Meaning, you won’t ever let your account go lower than what’s acceptable to you before you take action and get resourceful. That number has increased for me quite a bit over the years than it was back then, and that’s how I know I’ve changed the pattern.”

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There can be no “plan B”

“I had no plan “B” going into this journey,” Marit says. “I could have asked my parents to help me with my financial burdens, and they probably would have, but I knew that if I went to someone else to save me then I would have just stayed in that pattern. I put my stake in the ground and decided I was going to let the universe support me. I wasn’t going to go find another job or call on my parents for help. I needed to do this to be able to show other people that it is possible, even when you have nothing lined up as a second option. We have to burn down our plan B if we want our plan A to thrive.”

Let’s go serve others and make a financial impact while we’re at it.


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