These are the 3 dates between the ‘Guadalupe – Reyes’ in which you can sell more

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The holiday season is traditionally one of the best for business and commercial sales. In Latin America, these dates not only include the times relative to Christmas or the New Year , but also other dates that you should consider in your marketing strategy (from December 12 to January 6). We tell you which ones and on what days they are generally implemented.

Christmas season

For businesses, December 1 marks the start of the Christmas season that runs until December 24. This date should be taken advantage of by all businesses since the circulating money is greater given that the workers are given various benefits such as the Christmas bonus, the savings bank, grocery vouchers and others that increase their income.

Season of Kings

The season of Kings as it is known is linked to the end of the year, and it occurs from December 26 to January 6.

Last year, the Concanaco-Servytur estimated the sale of toys in the time of kings at around 16 thousand 138 million pesos. It also indicates that not only the sale of toys is favored. Other products that increase their sales are electronics (video games, tablets, cell phones and video consoles), sweets, chocolates, clothing and footwear. While the traditional rosca de reyes increases sales in bakeries especially during Three Kings Day.

Sales Season

From January 7 to 31, the last sales peak occurs thanks to what is known as the Sales Season. Although there are businesses that start them from the end of December, increasing the period up to four weeks.

Clearance sales are a very strong hook for bargain hunters as stores and businesses offer items with attractive discounts or promotions.

Some recommendations for your business to have good sales are:

  • Create the appropriate atmosphere with a well decorated tree with lights, the smell of apple with cinnamon, a sideboard with Christmas touches and music alluding to the season will attract more customers to enter your store.
  • Change your traditional packaging for others that evoke Christmas , such as bags with Christmas motifs.
  • Give a small gift in exchange for a purchase , it can be as small as a candy cane.
  • It offers discounts and promotions, although people have resources they do not seek to waste, it includes coupons for discounts or lower prices.
  • Do online marketing, through your social networks, send newsletters informing about the arrival of products, promotions and discounts.


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