Try Not to Cry After Watching McDonald’s New Holiday Ad

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The holidays can be a time of great nostalgia for the simple times of your childhood, a point emphasized by McDonald’s newest video advertisement.

On Sunday, McDonald’s UK tweeted a video advertisement for the Christmas season. The video features a girl named Matilda and her imaginary friend Iggy and shows their friendship through the years.

You can watch the advertisement below. Warning: It’s a tear-jerker.

Introducing Imaginary Iggy!

Are you #ReindeerReady?

Hit the like button today for a special surprise

— McDonald’s UK (@McDonaldsUK) November 14, 2021

Several people took their emotional responses to Twitter.

Whatever you think of McDonalds they make a mean Christmas advert, made me cry anyway

— leanne (@We1shchick) November 14, 2021

Absolutely sobbing after watching the @McDonalds Christmas ad. Really pulled on the heart strings. They really brought the power of a child’s imagination to life

— Lynsey Smith (@LynsLot) November 13, 2021

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The advertisement is a part of McDonald’s #ReindeerReady campaign, which includes the release of a festive menu and various family activities over the coming weeks.

Michelle Graham-Clare, senior vice president, chief marketing officer of McDonald’s UK, said that after a difficult few years, McDonald’s is there to get the public ready for Christmas.

“We’re confident our advert perfectly encapsulates the magic of childhood imagination which comes alive at this time of year and provides a helpful reminder that you’re never too old to make believe,” she says. “We are looking forward to seeing our customers’ reactions to the advert and hope that the friendship between Matilda and Iggy brings a smile to viewers when watching.”

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