WordLift AI SEO Tool Shows You How to Enhance You Site’s SEO for $79

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Making your business stand out from your competitors online is getting harder every year. In 2022, PRNewswire found that 63% of small businesses were investing their resources into search engine optimization (SEO), and more may follow.

If you want to increase your ranking on major search engines and refine your SEO strategies, try WordLift. This SEO plugin for Google Sheets uses AI to analyze content, offer suggestions, and help you enhance your SEO in headlines and copy. A premium lifetime subscription is $79 (reg. $900).

An AI that makes SEO easier.

Competition for online traffic is steep, but this SEO AI may be able to help by showing you how to rely on entities rather than keywords. Many SEO tools can help you find keywords or related terms, but WordLift takes it a step further by showing you entities you can use to show search algorithms what’s on your page so they’ll index it higher for related searches. It may sound technical, but all of this is done in a user-friendly format in Google Sheets.

Just enter a query or search term, activate the plugin, and check out the results. Each analysis includes the confidence level the AI has for the entity, its SERP ranking, and how many times it has occurred in a given text.

You can even analyze and compare specific websites. See how many entities you have in common or develop a new content strategy based on other successful websites. That’s how one reviewer uses WordLift: “This is an amazing SEO tool that lets you analyze a page for keywords and entities and then generates the data need[ed] to add the relevant schema to a WordPress document.”

You can even use WordLift to automate your SEO process. Just select the entities that are relevant to your business, and WordLift will automatically create the JSON-LD for you to add to your webpage so search engines can analyze information from your pages and use it to recommend your site.

Try an easy-to-use AI for your SEO.

Start climbing the ranks in the algorithm by analyzing entities and automating your SEO.

For a limited time, get a lifetime subscription to WordLift SEO Tool for Google Sheets on sale for $79 (reg. $900).

Prices subject to change.


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