3 female entrepreneurs tell us how they succeeded with their sales on Instagram

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March 8, 2021 6 min read
This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Instagram is one of the tools most sought after by entrepreneurs to display and sell their products, especially for women who take advantage of the platform’s tools to boost their catalogs.

Such is the case that since last November the launch of new business profiles owned by one or more women has grown by more than 20%. Functions such as Store, Ads, Stories, IGTV or Reels help them to highlight their brand.

There are leaders who increase the power of their brands through this social network. Here are their tips to be more successful with your business on Instagram.

1. Daniela Ancira from La Cana

With the purpose of improving the human conditions in which the country’s prisons are found, Daniela Ancira leads La Cana , a project that brings training to these sites so that inmates learn trades and that later the products manufactured in the interior are marketed. In this way, it supports inmates to maintain a productive activity, provide an income for their family and face the challenges of a future life in freedom.

For this entrepreneur, La Cana has led her on a path of learning as a woman: “It has allowed me to get to know this Mexico that we forget, but it is urgent to turn to see if we really want to talk about peacebuilding in the country.”

“Instagram has allowed more and more people to get to know the incredible products that are made in Mexican prisons”, says Daniela Ancira and recommends “that it is worth investing time so that your profile really reflects what your business is and what you want to communicate . It is worth investing in advertising because it allows your project to have a greater reach ”.

2. Viviana González from Light & Love Candles

Seven years ago Viviana González began with the adventure of Light & Love Candles with the manufacture of candles that created an experience of aromatherapy, chromotherapy and decrees. More than a business, she turned it into a lifestyle that led her to get certified in therapeutic treatments and share her knowledge with the different creative tools on Instagram.

“Selling the brand is the idea, but it is also a matter of sharing and supporting your community, that is the gift that the network gives us. Instagram builds a bridge to reach more places, so that more people see your product and that they see what you do, ”he shares.

3. Jhoseline Flores by Juliet Laurel

Jhoseline Flores grew up among a family of jewelers and to preserve the tradition of fine jewelry in the country, she founded the Juliet Laurel brand. Her inspiration is to pamper women in constant movement, from those who work at work to those who work as moms. Even with social distancing, she wants to maintain the desire to show off a touch of elegance in encounters that are becoming more and more intimate.

The entrepreneur shares that on Instagram they have found an ally that allows them to spread this desire: “It will be impossible to replace the physical shopping experience, but we can make our customers live a new experience through videos, either live or through IGTV . This has allowed us to make them feel part of us, live the shopping experience from their homes and reach a greater number of customers ”.

Every day more women decide to take the leap into the business world, which adds to female empowerment at an economic, social and personal level. It also encourages social networks like Instagram to promote entrepreneurship with the development of accessible and safe business tools.

How to highlight your brand on Instagram?

If you already have an idea in mind or your business isn’t using Instagram yet, these tips can help you make your brand stand out.

  • Complete information: It is not enough to have a striking name, the brands that complete their profiles with the line of business they do business, a purchase site link, logo and contact information achieve a greater connection with users. Remember that it should also be public so that everyone can check the publications and the value offer that you propose.
  • Use the tools: Instagram has “call to action” buttons that allow you to have more direct contact with brands through email, telephone or instant messaging. In addition, activating the Store option allows you to activate a catalog of products with their description, which facilitates interaction with users.
  • Be creative: Offer valuable content for users. With photographs, long or short videos, Lives and / or Stories, you can make a story about your brand, a tour of workshops or processes, an unboxing and tutorials on the use of the products you offer. The important thing is the imagination.
  • Interact: It is important to maintain communication with users, so you can create contests to give discount codes, share customer congratulations, tag people, respond to comments in publications or collaborate with other brands and influencers that give your name notoriety. Mark.
  • Constancy: A content grid will help you schedule the days and times to post on Instagram. This will be nurtured based on what you want to communicate and how users react to the content you share. Do not forget to use hashtags in the posts.


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