3 Spanish Audiobooks That Will Boost Your Sales Expertise

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October 27, 2020 2 min read
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Sales for many people can be a real challenge and although this action is vital for a company to remain and prosper, few businesses achieve the sales objectives they want and more in this time of pandemic .

According to the Salesforce “State of Sales” Annual Global Report , sales professionals spend only 34% of their time selling and most of the time is spent on administrative tasks that keep them away from consumers.

For these reasons, it is necessary not to put aside continuing to learn to acquire the best sales techniques that allow you to achieve the objectives you have and in case you think that you do not have time to update yourself, here we recommend three audiobooks that every seller should know and that in your transfer time or during a few free minutes you can listen :

1. Ninja Salesman , by Josué Gadea

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With this audiobook you will learn to sell your services and check that you do not have to copy the competition to achieve your goals, in addition to discovering what you have to do to differentiate yourself from the competition, as well as the four steps you must put into practice to get customers day by day and sell everything you propose.

2. Sell to mind, not people , by Jurguen Klaric

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Learn in a practical and entertaining way how to sell more by talking less. Human beings do not know why they buy what they buy, so through neuro-sales you will learn how to make them choose your product or service easily.

3. Sales Success by Bryan Tracy

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It is a practical guide that helps you take your sales to another level through 21 techniques proven by the successful businessman and sales instructor Bryan Tracy, in this audiobook you can understand the three keys to persuasion; overcome top six customer objections or use the power of suggestion to make a sale.


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