4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Small PR Agency

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The decision to trust your brand and company reputation to an outside company can be a bit terrifying. As entrepreneurs, we tend to be control freaks (who knew?) The fact is, you can’t do it alone and at some point, you’ll need to bring in outside help.

This is where what I coin “small and mighty” is the smart choice. As the owner of a small agency, I suppose you could consider me a bit biased. However, my decision to start my agency 15 years ago was due, in part, to working with large firms and feeling largely ignored, dismissed and all-around less important than other “larger” clients.

I don’t care if you’re the inventor of Post-its or if you are hosting a small film festival in a tiny town no one has ever heard of, you matter and so does your company.

Here are four ways small PR agencies can be a better choice for your business.


Small PR agencies will never be too busy for you. A lot of small agencies are small because they choose to be, and they don’t want to lose sight of what makes them special and unique. A big part of the charm is their focus on value-add and people. They know your birthday, kid’s names, hobbies, favorite drinks and make one-on-one time a priority. They live by the adage “people do business with people they like.”

Clear communication is a priority to them, because they don’t have time to be anything but forthright and upfront.

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When you are working with a smaller agency, they are often just as cost-conscious as their clients. They track hours, watch resources and ensure things are done on time to manage capacity.

They also don’t have the overhead of a 100 person agency. They are adept at doing more with smaller budgets and making every penny count. The focus is on ROI, and it’s what will keep your company around.

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Smaller firms often specialize in an area, like public relations, digital, integrated communications, design and content. But no matter their specialty, small PR firms have to understand how all tactics work together. Part of that goes back to the value-add of being small — if they are working with other partners on a project, then they need to understand how their role is a part of the whole.


You’ll never hear a smaller agency say, “Well, we’ve always done it this way.” They understand the need to be flexible in their delivery of services and why every situation requires a different approach based on the client. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

This also works in your favor when something pops up on an extremely short timeline, where they have an all-hands-on-deck strategy to meet your needs.

If you want a true partner that will grow with your business, I encourage you to start small. Outsourcing your communications requires a certain level of trust — wouldn’t it be nice if they also knew your name?

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