4 Things That Make for Unforgettable Customer Experiences

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When it comes to building a loyal base of customers, few things are more important than delivering a positive experience. Just look at the potential fallout of a negative one: A recent report by Emplify found that after three unsatisfactory incidents, four out of five patrons would leave a brand they were previously loyal to.

On the other end of the spectrum, 72 percent of clients share their positive stories with at least six other people. By focusing on things that deliver truly unforgettable anecdotes, you can generate significant goodwill among existing clientele and be better positioned to attract new ones.

1. Make it personal

Research has indicated that 80 percent of customers are more likely to buy from a brand that offers personalized experiences — and an even higher percentage report finding the attention to be highly appealing.

The specifics of personalization may look different from business to business, but they all share one key element: Taking a client-centric approach to the sales process. It looks at each potential interaction an individual will have with the brand before, during and after they make a purchase, while finding ways to show acknowledgment and express gratitude.

A company could use user-submitted data from its website to send a thank-you gift, discount code or email reminders about abandoned carts and partially filled orders. Tailoring messaging to where a patron is during their buyer’s journey help them feel valued.

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2. Add joy to routines

Not every business has the luxury of offering an intrinsically fun or exciting service. Some companies may focus on services that customers find to be little more than a routine or a necessity.

This became especially clear during a recent conversation with Dan McCarty, CEO of Infusion for Health, a company that provides infusion therapy.

“Private treatment suites and fun perks like snacks and entertainment all aim to turn this into an experience that is completely different from a typical medical infusion,” explained McCarty. “When brands can find ways to add joy to an otherwise routine experience, they can form a lasting bond as they bring greater happiness to their clients.”

3. Under-promise and over-deliver

This principle can still help you provide quality customer experiences when used correctly. The idea isn’t to set ridiculously low customer expectations but to set realistic promises that can be consistently met and exceeded.

If a customer sends a support email and your automated response says you will get back to them by the end of the business day? Be sure that is a promise you can fulfill. Not responding until the next day will cause the clients to view you as a poor performer.

On the other hand, responding by 1 PM could cause them to view you as having over-delivered with a faster-than-expected response. Regardless of the situation, your promises should be specific, not vague.

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4. Showcase your knowledge

Whether clients need help understanding how to use a product or haven’t received an expected order, the ability to provide a reliable answer is key to building trust and creating positive reviews.

Regardless of the concern, the goal of the organization should be to quickly and effectively resolve the issue. This remains consistent whether the patron has contacted the brand via a chatbot tool or over the phone.

Brands succeed in this area when they use data and create ample knowledge resources they provide to customers. For example, a service rep could provide a user with a video link that shows them to set up newly ordered tech equipment. A robust FAQ could help clients self-service their issues. In fact, a 2022 survey found that 81 percent of patrons want more self-service options from the brands they interact with.

Companies that use contextual data can also provide faster and more reliable solutions, drawing on information from previous support requests, online browsing and more to please recipients with rapid support fulfillment.

While a single bad experience can be enough to keep someone from ever doing business with you again, creating a truly distinctive positive time will help you gain loyalty for life.

Evaluate your brand to bolster your strengths, mitigate weaknesses and deliver unique experiences that will leave a powerful lasting impression.


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