Better collaboration is the best martech investment you can make

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Think about the dozens of channels that you have to manage for any given marketing campaign. Web, email, in-product messaging, social, press releases, media placements, display advertising, paid search and so on. And you have to think about personas. And funnel stages. Oh, and maybe localization.

And that’s just to produce the content. Then you have to publish it, track it and analyze it. And Sales has to know how to use it. And Product needs to tell you who to target, and what you can say. And so on.

Over the past 20 years, marketing technology has advanced. We can reach more people, and we can reach more of the right people. We can understand our audiences better. We can provide incredibly valuable data to guide product development. And, using marketing technology, we can do all these things in a way that’s scalable, reliable and automatic.

But while our technology has advanced, the practice of marketing hasn’t kept up. Because digital marketing lets us talk to so many different audiences, in so many different ways, over so many different channels, we need to be much better at dealing with complexity — and we need to be more efficient with our resources.

We need to get better at sharing information, asking the right questions, looking at the right data and using the right systems.

That’s the job of Marketing Ops.

And we need to get better at working together. All of our data, analytics and systems? They’re ways of supporting collaboration.

So guess whose job it is help us all work together, better. Marketing Ops.

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Justin is a digital marketing nerd and marketing engineer. He specializes in using software and data to execute effective, focused marketing strategies that drive revenue. Justin is currently Director, Marketing Ops and Digital Acquisition at Urban Airship. He’s led digital marketing functions at other fast-growing organizations as well, including enterprise unicorn MongoDB, and Gates Foundation grantee One Acre Fund. Justin has an MBA in Marketing from The Wharton School, and a BA in Ancient Greek and Latin Classics from Columbia.


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