Boost Your Site’s Google Ranking with this $30 SEO Education

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January 10, 2019 4 min read
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If content is king, search engine optimization (SEO) is the queen responsible for his ascent to the throne.

Defined by Moz as “the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website” via organic (read: unpaid) search engine results, optimizing content for SEO affects its Google ranking — and in turn, its overall success, as 75 percent of users never venture beyond the first Google search engine results page (SERP). Anything that ranks beyond it has a slim chance of ever being viewed or clicked on. (It’s one of those tree-falls-in-a-forest situations: If a website goes live and winds up on the third or fourth SERP, does it even exist?)

The point is that a solid SEO strategy matters if you want your site and its content to rank well and thrive. If that’s what you’re after, look no further than the Complete SEO Certification Training Bundle for an eight-part education in the latest SEO trends, tricks, and tips. On sale in the Entrepreneur Store for the next few days, it includes the following courses:

Conversion Rate Optimization (a $94.99 value)

Turn regular ol’ viewers or subscribers into loyal customers using the knowledge you’ll acquire via this education in conversation rate optimization methods. Its training is applicable to virtually any web property, from e-commerce sites and landing pages to social media.

Social Media for Business Strategy (a $94.99 value)

Across three hours of content and 24 different lectures, you’ll learn how to attract and retain an audience using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other popular social media platforms. It features valuable lessons on the processes of generating leads and measuring your campaigns’ ROI, plus practical advice on how mobile strategies can enhance your approach to marketing.

SEO for Webmasters (a $199.99 value)

If your site is still in its early stages, you’re in luck: There’s plenty you can do right now to hit the ground running in the SEO department, all of which is covered in this 30-lecture course. Led by web technology expert Laurence Svekis, it includes important lessons on selecting keywords, optimizing HTML tags structure, fine-tuning your website design, and more.

SEO Basics: Tips for Ranking Better (a $189.99 value)

SEO strategies are constantly evolving… for the most part. There are several constants you’ve got to know if you’re in the business, and this class covers all of them, with 250 tips for effective SEO website planning.

How To Create Brilliant Facebook Ads For Your Business (a $24.99 value)

Facebook is a veritable treasure trove of opportunities for reach and engagement, so don’t gloss over it whilst putting together your own marketing strategy. This four-hour course will show you how to take full advantage of the platform’s Ads feature across 23 lessons, which cover ad targeting, copywriting, campaign planning, and more.

SEO WordPress: Rank Higher on Google, Bing & Yahoo (a $99.99 value)

Ah, yes: that coveted first SERP; the promised land. You’ll know exactly how to get there by the time you complete this three-hour course on the secrets to ranking high on not just Google, but Bing and Yahoo!, too.

Content Marketing: The Strategy to Market in Minutes (a $74.99 value)

Maybe your content *isn’t* king. Maybe it’s more like jester. Fix that by enrolling in this 25-lesson course on content marketing — i.e., the art of creating content that people actually want to read.

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords (a $199.99 value)

No marketing strategy is complete without an optimized Google AdWords campaign, which you’ll learn how to put together through these 18-plus hours of learning. After completing its lessons in sales tracking, form submissions, and keyword lists (among other topics), you’ll be able to use AdWords to craft a campaign that drives stellar traffic to your site.

Normally offered for $979.92, lifetime access to all eight of these courses is available through the Complete SEO Certification Training Bundle, which just went on sale for $30.


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