Got amazing content but no leads? 5 ways to rethink your paid strategy

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In the digital marketing world, there is an overabundance of content about content marketing. If you’re marketing a business, the promise of consistent, top-of-funnel organic traffic growth from content marketing is extremely promising!

So you digest content about creating content, open your blog subdomain and check the proverbial check boxes for SEO optimization, keyword targeting, and a strategic call-to-action to generate leads. Maybe you even outsource the design to take it to the next level.

What happens when you press publish? It’s like a ceremonial ribbon-cutting: People might show up, but they’re really just friends of the person holding the big scissors or passive onlookers who were walking by when they saw someone with large scissors.

That’s what creating good content can feel like. You put in a bunch of upfront work that feels worthy of a great launch party, only to realize you didn’t invest nearly enough in the next step: distribution.

More often, the next step turns into complaining that “content marketing is nothing but a buzzword!”

Let’s face it: Content marketing isn’t easy.

Every minute, 400 hours of content are published to YouTube. In the first half of 2017, content creators published an average of 2.7 million WordPress posts per day. It’s impossible for content consumers — i.e. your target audience — to sift through the noise and find you without a highly targeted paid distribution strategy.

Since you’re here and have read the headline, I’m assuming you’ve already invested lots of time and energy in producing great content — a blog, an e-book, an independent case study, a high-converting webinar — but aren’t seeing the returns you need to justify content creation. Today, we’re going to cover a few paid strategies that will help you out.

But first, you need to ask yourself an important question….

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