How to Build an Exceptional Newsletter, According to People Who Did

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Most B2B newsletters seem confused as to why they exist.

We studied 100 of them over three months, and the results weren’t heartening.

Most were difficult to read, visually confusing, and didn’t provide much utility to the reader. It seemed that the marketers behind them were more interested in promoting articles and earning blog impressions than in creating an experience worth subscribing to. But the top 10 percent were completely different.

The top 10% of newsletters were beautiful to look at and minimal in their design; they included funny, concise, and thought-provoking remarks; and they seemed determined to offer an elevated experience that a reader couldn’t get just by visiting their blog.

So we asked the people behind a few of those top newsletters: “What’s your secret?”

Be consistent

Tallie Gabriel, writer and social media editor, Contently

Contently is a content marketing software, and the team writes a blog for marketers called The Strategist, so writing well is their forte. But what sets them apart is their consistency: Contently’s newsletter uses the same cerulean blue header and sans-serif font as its website, and it features the site’s signature humorously skeptical tone.


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