How to Get Your Business Better PR

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Every company needs positive public relations. Whether you’re a giant like Airbnb with a new service to promote, or an emerging small business that wants to get the word out about your product or mission, PR is crucial for all businesses. And no, PR isn’t the same thing as social media or marketing.


PR is the pursuit of exposure and coverage of your business in major media outlets, while social media or other forms of digital marketing provide social proof for your business and can help attract immediate traffic. A great business strategy adopts both. So, if you’re set on your digital marketing but short on PR, The Complete Modern PR Secrets Course is for you. It’s on sale for just $49 (reg. $1,299).

This nine-hour course has been featured in PR Week, Search Engine Journal, and Click Z. It’s taught by Lisa Buyer, a convergence entrepreneur who helps clients connect the PR, social media, and SEO dots while their businesses are scaling. She recognizes that things move at light speed in PR and it’s easy to fall behind. So, with this course, she’ll help you hit the ground running.

Across this course, you’ll learn the optimization techniques you need to reach your target audience, journalists, and influencers to build credibility in the marketplace and increased awareness of your brand. You’ll learn how to escalate positive media exposure and leverage PR, social media, and SEO at the same time to keep your brand at the top of consumers’ minds at the right place at the right time. It’s a comprehensive strategy to help ensure your business is on people’s radars.

Growing a business takes more than marketing and ads. In The Complete Modern PR Secrets Course, you’ll learn how to properly leverage PR, social media, and SEO to help your business scale fast. Get it today for just $49.

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