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Marketing is arguably the profession going through the biggest transformation, with the most potential to boost a company’s revenue growth. The ability to delight, engage, create and build customer loyalty through great experiences and superior products has never been so accessible as it is today.

While marketing teams rightly focus heavily on external customers and stakeholders, we’re missing an important audience in our mission; we must extend our focus to educating, inspiring and showcasing our work to key internal stakeholders.

Finance, sales, business/partner development, IT, HR, customer service and the employee base in general are an invaluable part of the marketing effort today. These groups can carry the message directly to customers and prospects, fund critical initiatives to increase your impact, find the right talent to make a difference, apply technology to improve your effectiveness, and make recommendations to customers to get them more deeply invested.

Ironically, marketing is notoriously bad at internal communications and collaboration. The storytelling component is often absent, and the data shared is sporadic. Neglecting to dedicate necessary time to involve other departments in marketing’s efforts greatly limits a company’s collective ability to delight customers and grow revenue.

It’s time to get to work dedicating a reasonable amount of time and energy involving the many resources available across your organization. Yeah, yeah I get it. Our days, weeks and months are already fully consumed. This is a classic trade-off: take a half-step back to take two steps forward. Here are a few ways to make it happen internally and get important company resources behind you.

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Scott Vaughan is CMO of Integrate, a marketing technology software provider automating top-of-funnel marketing for B2B marketers to enable demand marketing orchestration. Scott leads the company’s go-to-market and growth marketing strategy. He’s passionately focused on unlocking the potential of marketing, media, data and technology to drive business and customer value.


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