Marketing technology can’t fix a flawed process, says VisionEdge Marketing’s President

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Anyone who has spent time talking shop with VisionEdge Marketing’s president, Laura Patterson, will learn quickly that she is a process-oriented marketing leader.

“I started my career on the geeky side of marketing, around data and analytics — before we began talking about data and analytics the way we do today,” says Patterson.

With nearly two decades’ worth of marketing operations experience, Patterson’s first career role was with Motorola. As a customer relationship manager for the telecommunications company, she spent her days digging into the data of existing customers to identify growth opportunities around customer retention and loyalty.

It was at Motorola where Patterson began to understand how data and analytics could drive adoption and help deliver the right kinds of customers. It’s also where she began her love affair with business processes.

“Motorola is the father of Six Sigma, which is a very process-oriented approach to business,” she says. She credits being part of Motorola at the beginning of Six Sigma with playing into her passion for building effective and efficient processes that move businesses forward.

Next month, Patterson will be part of the “How to Implement Best-in-Class Processes, the Foundation of Your Marketing Operations” panel at MarTech Boston. In advance of the conference, Patterson is sharing her insights on effective processes — from the biggest mistake most businesses make when building out their processes to how they should be managed and who gets to own them.

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