The $1.2 Million Rise, Fall and Comeback with Jason Zook

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Jason Zook - formerly I Wear Your Tshirts

Jason Zook built a $1.2 million business charging companies money to wear their logo t-shirt, make silly videos then share them on social media, aptly called “I Wear Your Tshirts.”

Not only did he sell his sole to his business, he went as far as to sell his own name to the highest bidder, twice, for around $90,000.

It was fun, lucrative, but with a fully booked client roster and all that money tumbling in, he at the end of the day, he was miserable.

Jason Zook shares some profound business lessons that can only be learned from the rise and fall of a proven entrepreneur, exactly how he’s bouncing back by starting a new business that he validated by pre-selling his idea,

Jason Zook, formerly Jason Sadler, admits to having 11 businesses, but clarifies that some are seasonal and admits…


There are some incredibly business lessons in this interview for entrepreneurs at every stage, including:

– The scalability of the business

– The problem with chasing money

– If you’re looking for “multiple streams of income” you’ve got to hear what Zook has to say.

– Lessons in testing and pre-selling to find out if you have a winning product or business idea.

– Values and why they are important

– The truth about work, like balance.




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