This Platform Lets Businesses Personalize Their Bond With Customers

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Fans of Mad Men will recognize the old-school ways of creating advertising materials. Ad pros would bandy ideas around, craft messaging, then take their advertising to a mostly receptive public. Of course, Mad Men was set in the 1960s, which is now as far removed from the customer engagement practices of today as to be basically prehistoric.


Today’s average customer is infinitely savvier to the tricks and traps of the modern age of digital business — and most aren’t willing to be played for suckers. More than 95 percent of Americans say they’re concerned about businesses collecting and selling their personal information without permission, and seven out of 10 say they’re taking greater steps to protect their online privacy now than just a year ago.

Consumers have been burned, which makes it a lot harder for e-commerce outlets to engage with their now much more skeptical clientele. Shields are raised as VPNs and other online security measures protect the average shopper from leaking information into the world, making targeting data and other ways companies used to glean information from potential customers obsolete. Adding to that, Google Chrome, which accounts for 60 percent of browser market share, is deprecating cookies. Similarly, Apple’s iOS 14 already runs on 72 percent of all Apple devices.

That’s why 92 percent of marketers are turning to first-party data to build their understanding of what customers want. Meanwhile, firms like Spectrm are digging deeper to help smart businesses pivot to declared data. Why skim the web for customer details when you can get even better, and more reliable, information through a direct conversation?

Conversational marketing: the next step in reach customers.

More than 90 percent of leading marketers believe using first-party data to build an understanding of what people want is critical to growth. That data, better known as declared data, is information freely and actively given to a company by its customers.

That’s the core of what Spectrm offers businesses, a clean, effective means of sparking conversation with customers, automating personalized one-on-one chat directly on social platforms and display ad networks. Whether you’re trying to convert more e-commerce customers, or needing to generate more qualified leads for your business.

With no engineering resources needed, Spectrm makes it easy to launch marketing chatbots to engage with customers on the sites where they spend most of their time, like Facebook, Instagram, Google and more.

But what Spectrm offers aren’t your parent’s chatbots. These bots actually interact with customers in a meaningful way, eliciting conversation, asking questions, and personalizing each individual’s experience with a brand.

The interactive exchange allows users to tell the company what they want, which in turn allows the brand to then present relevant products and individualize each buyer’s journey in real-time.

With an engaging conversation that feels natural and human, the Spectrm conversational marketing platform takes that declared data, segments it, and helps lead customers right to what they want, while streamlining the funnel to the sales a business wants.

Big companies already trust Spectrm.

This process builds the bond between a brand and its customers while simplifying the journey, helping the business understand the user while allowing each customer to feel a personalized, more intimate relationship with the brand.

Some of the world’s biggest companies are already seeing the advantages and increased sales from the Spectrm platform, including Ford, T-Mobile, Red Bull, Groupon, eBay, and others. Even charities like Save the Children are finding increased trust and donations by connecting personally, with Spectrm directly leading to a nearly 30 percent boost in donations, Spectrm says.

Next-gen business marketers can get a true feel for the Spectrm benefits with a no-commitment demo of the platform. Just enter some quick details at the Spectrm website and one of their conversational experts will reach out to find out more about your needs, share more about the platform, and answer important questions.

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