This SEO Checklist Can Help You Attract Traffic on a Budget

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Marketing can get expensive fast for a small business. Between paying for an email marketing client, paid ads, social media ads, content, and more, getting eyes on your products or service can be prohibitively pricey. But when you know you’ve got a great product, you just have to find a way to show it to the world on a budget.


That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) can be helpful. If you already have a web presence, SEO is an affordable way to drive traffic to your landing pages. It just requires a little know-how that you can acquire in The Complete SEO Checklist Bundle. It’s on sale for just $49 (reg. $410).

This step-by-step guide has been rated 4.5/5 stars on AppSumo because it works to overhaul your SEO. The core of the comprehensive bundle is the SEO Checklist Google sheet and web app that helps you assess your website and identify areas for SEO improvement. It contains more than 100 key SEO action steps that will help you improve your ranking and give you the recommended tools to get the job done. Whenever you’re building out new content or web pages, this checklist will simplify the SEO optimization process.

In addition to the checklist, you’ll also get the SEOBUDDY SOP Collection. This step-by-step walkthrough gives you screenshots and tips of proven SEO procedures and gives you the exact instructions you need to implement them on your landing pages. You’ll also get access to an interactive version of the SEO Checklist ebook within SEOBUDDY.

As bonuses, this bundle also includes an SEO Checklist Trello board, a 52-week content planning calendar method and Trello board, a one-month Startup Plan on SEOBUDDY, and the content distribution checklist that will help you get more backlinks, likes, leads, and customers from your content.

Great SEO just takes a little work and The Complete SEO Checklist Bundle will help you make that work repeatable and simple. Right now, it’s on sale for 88 percent off $410 at just $49.

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