Want To Moentize Your TikTok Content? These Two Founders Know the Trick

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During the pandemic, people were locked up at homes and had plenty of free time. This proved to be a boon for social media platforms as consumption grew exponentially. TikTok was no exception. A new crop of now-celebrity influencers, mostly Gen Z, sprung up during this period. And with this, increased the demand from both brands and influencers to cement their presence across the Web.


However, a hurdle faced by these influencers have been to look for ways to monetise their content so as to turn their entertainment career into a regular source of revenue and in turn transforming the passion into a career.

Similarly, brands want to explore what these new-age TikTok influencers have to offer when it comes to producing engaging short-form campaigns that are able to promote their product or service with a rapid viral scale.

This ever-increasing demand from both fronts on TikTok has shown a need for a professional company with a lot of past experience in the field to fulfil the needs of both brands and influencers alike on TikTok. In comes 15Talent, a highly polished influencer marketing agency with decades of combined experience to deliver just that.

Who are 15Talent?

15Talent roots stem from its predecessor which was established as a YouTube network back in 2012, they had managed over 40,000 YouTubers and ran around 20,000 successful branded campaigns for businesses. After a successful exit, the founders thought TikTok was the next step forward. With over a decade of expertise in the Gen Z sector coupled with one of their founders having over 10 million TikTok followers, they knew that they had a complete 360-degree view from both perspectives in relation to brands and influencers. This brings for creators by creators to new heights.

This depth of knowledge has now made them the fastest-growing TikTok marketing agency across the globe, which strives to exceed expectations when generating compelling campaigns that well-known companies such as Universal and Pepsi have come to rely on.

The founders of 15Talent are Gabriela Blukacz and Kamran Sankey. The 21-year-old Blukacz is the founder and her extensive knowledge in influencer development is reflected in the crown jewel of her work, a TikTok account title GabiFaye that has amassed over 10 million followers in less than two years. The 28-year-old Sankey is the founder and chief executive officer and his obsession with perfecting every aspect of his work is reflected in the service he delivers through 15Talent.

15Talent has experience within various industries, including fashion, toys, homeware, gadgets, pets, and more, and it seems like no challenge is too great for them.

They are the world’s first TikTok agency that promises over a million views on every single branded post created using their premium influencer network. Well, let that sink in.

In early 2020, 15Talent had a $1 million internal cash injection and then swiftly established the groundwork for what now covers two continents. They deal with influencers and brands worldwide and cover all vital advertising categories and have influencers within the network that have as many as a 100 million followers.

Their internal subsidiary brands, which encompass the pet, fashion, toys, electronics, homeware, and culinary sectors, enable them to be more involved and understand brand needs by creating premium influencer marketing.

How 15Talent benefits influencers and brands

15Talent offers influencers more ways to generate revenue than any TikTok agency currently in service today. On average the influencers that 15Talent represents generate over $20,000 per month. The financial side of things is nice of course but their services don’t stop there. Upon sign up, 15Talent sends every single one of its influencers a professional lighting package and in certain instances even brand-new iPhones. This allows its influencers to further elevate their content from day one. The company also creates individual websites, handles merch sales, hosts ticketed events and overall encapsulates every aspect of making sure that its influencers are treated like the celebrities that they are.

15Talent offers brands guarantees and assurances that put it at the forefront of its competition, one of which is its guarantee to deliver a minimum of 1 million views on every branded post. Having worked over 10,000 successful campaigns spanning across multiple categories and continents, we can be rest assured that the management behind 15Talent know what they are doing. The business prides itself on its impressive inventory of case studies, some of which have delivered a return of more than 50 times.


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