Campaign Monitor buys customer data platform Tagga

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A screen from the Campaign Monitor website, showing post-acquisition unified customer profiles

Campaign Monitor is taking a step toward becoming more than an email automation provider, with its announcement this week that it has purchased customer data platform (CDP) Tagga.

The San Francisco-based Campaign Monitor has its own extensive set of profiles, built from users who have opted in with their email addresses.

Those profiles largely consist of behavioral data from user activity on apps or websites, such as whether the person with email address [email protected] has visited a page showing red sneakers. A marketer could then send a follow-up email featuring a discount on those red sneakers.

“The more personalized the message,” Campaign Monitor CEO Alex Bard told me, “the higher the engagement rate,” adding that “email is still the thoroughbred of engagement.”

But, he noted, Campaign Monitor’s profiles are “not as rich or as powerful as a CDP.”

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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