Content Marketing That’s Strong and Fit Enough to Generate ROI [Infographic]

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The content that B2B marketers are producing is clearly not up to the task, according B2B decision-makers.

They cite the following as their top issues with marketing content: too fluffy (50% of decicion-makers), not relevant (47%), not personalized (34%), misleading (29%), behind a form (28%), or hard to find (24%), according to an eMarketer report.

For the marketers behind such sluggish marketing performance, a quick look in the mirror should make it clear why that’s the case: bad-habit strategy, low-metabolism execution, overly processed tactics, and sugar-high shiny-object software that’s used improperly (if at all).

When your marketing is out of shape, what better way to get back on track than with some good-old marketing fitness?

A content marketing infographic by Lee Odden, CEO of B2B marketing services firm TopRank Marketing, uses personal fitness transformation as a metaphor for content marketing transformation.

The infographic features 10 core marketing exercises to get you focused on the fundamentals so you can better integrate, optimize, and activate your content for success. Check it out:


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