Today’s the day: The 2017 Marketing Land #HashtagBowl is here!

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We’re just hours away from our biggest event of the year: Marketing Land’s sixth annual #Hashtag Bowl — our look at how advertisers integrate social media and online marketing into their Super Bowl TV commercials.

Our coverage kicks off at 6:00 PM ET with a live blog where industry luminaries Kerry Curran of Catalyst/GroupM, James Green of Magnetic and Peter Minnium of Ipsos Connect will join Marketing Land’s Pamela Parker and Jessica Thompson for a fun evening of commentary on the Super Bowl ads. They’ll also be sharing real-time data from the likes of Brandwatch,, iSpotTV and Spredfast to shine a light on what’s happening online during the game.

Follow our live blog here at 6:00 PM ET

Shortly after the game, we’ll present the results of this year’s Hashtag Bowl — our annual tracking of all the social media mentions that are included in each national TV ad. You can keep track in real-time as the game happens at the live blog link above.

And during the upcoming week, we’ll continue to report on data related to how digital marketing was integrated into the Super Bowl commercials, what ads and hashtags scored big online and much more.

Tweet Us All Day!

You can get in the game by following along with our live blog starting at 6:00 PM ET and by tweeting us with your thoughts on the Super Bowl ads and/or what’s happening online — just send your tweets to @MarketingLand with the #HashtagBowl hashtag.

It’s our biggest event of the year and we’re excited to bring you the 2017 Marketing Land #HashtagBowl — we’ll see you in a few hours!

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