Top 10 most shared video brands in 2016: Red Bull ranks No. 1 with 27M shares – more than double the No. 2 brand

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According to Unruly’s data, Red Bull videos were the most popular among brands across YouTube, Facebook and the blogosphere in 2016, earning a total of 27,047,591 shares for the energy drink.

The video analytics platform ranked the top ten brands in 2016 based on how often a brand’s video content was shared versus the number of video views it received. Red Bull had more than double the number of shares earned by the No. 2 most popular brand Samsung, which earned 12.4 million shares.

In third place, McDonald’s videos had 8.6 million shares.

Most of the top ten brands earned somewhere between four-million and five-million shares, with not a lot of disparity in numbers for the brands making up the bottom half of the list.

Top Ten Most Shared Video Brands in 2016

  1. Red Bull – 27,047,591 shares
  2. Samsung – 12,481,540 shares
  3. McDonald’s – 8,618,554 shares
  4. Australian Tourist Board – 6,417,279 shares
  5. Asus – 5,275,867 shares
  6. Nike – 5,002,131 shares
  7. Almarai – 4,556,429 shares
  8. Adidas – 4,512,703 shares
  9. Shell – 4,142,156 shares
  10. Cadbury – 4,082,750 shares

While Red Bull failed to have a video make Unruly’s list of the top ten most shared video ads in 2016, Unruly said the brand rose to the top of this list because of the “hundreds of videos” it released throughout the year.

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